Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

Grid Test is ok, with all patterns, and Cheat Codes seems to be ok too. I’m totally lost on MLRE, so I can’t confirm.
Did you check the led brightness seetings and the USB mode in the OXI, running the classic mode ?
I don’t know if theese params are shared with the grid mode.

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Thanks for checking! Seems a problem only for rPi4 then.
I have brightness always at the low settings to reduce the power draw and use the usb mode Device mainly, tried the Device self-powered in the past.

thanks for the suggestion about the mixer control commands.
unfortunately, I believe the problem is that I accidentally patched a cv level signal into the audio inputs. do you have any idea what component(s) I need to replace?
My friend that built it is helping me, but he built it years ago and I’m looking through the build guide to determine what component(s) need replacing , but I’m not sure. The raspberry pi sends midi cc messages accurately and runs programs fine. just no audio.

If anyone has ideas or has accidentally done this before and/or repaired the damaged components, I would be most appreciative of any suggestions.

thanks again.

Bit random, but has anyone tried installing Processing on a Fates for visuals work?

I’m looking for a way of using OpenGL for live visuals, and that seems like an easy route in, if it can be made to work.

Or maybe OpenFrameworks would be a better bet. Anyone tried that?

Openframeworks yes, Processing no.

Did a bunch of hacking on eyesy’s OpenFrameworks stuff a year or two ago.

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Hi @okyeron. Do you mean Processing won’t work on Fates, or that you’ve not tried it?

Eyesy looks cool. So you managed to get OF working in it?

Based on this thread on the Eyesy forum EYESY disk image for openFrameworks / openGL / Lua (beta) - EYESY - Critter & Guitari it didn’t look like the official OF beta was very functional (no MIDI support, for example).

Just have not tried processing on the pi.

For the OF stuff maybe hit me up on discord and I could walk you thru it (I’d need to take a bit to remember how to set it up). I also did a custom build of eyesy which added midi etc.

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My fates doesn’t boot occasionally. When this happens only the red led lights up.
I have to plug off and in the power cable for a second time to get it boot up. I don’t see a regularity or the reason for this behavior. any idea?!

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Remove and re-insert the sd card?

(Otherwise, no clue)

I’m going to do my best here to explain this but I’m admittedly a little clueless.

While updating my disk image and expanding the directory via SHH as I was getting the insufficient disk space error message I managed to do something, no idea what. Now my Fates will power on but there’s nothing on the screen.

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

If you’re early in the process and it’s a fresh install just wipe the SD card and start again.

I’m assuming this is the update which requires a full reflashing of the SD card anyway.

For subsequent updates it can be done through the system menu without all the extra steps.

If however you have files (presets, audio) you want to get off this SD card you can connect the card to a computer and copy them across before wiping.

Unfortunately it was pretty late in the process and I’ve since tried reflashing the SD card a number of times. Maybe a new card would help?

It could be that you need to fully repartition and reformat the SD card with a disk utility on another computer.

Or yes trying a different card.

Update: I noticed the green light flashes on and off in groups of 5 very consistently. Any ideas?

You can check the full reference for Raspberry Pi LED error codes (note the slightly different codes for Pi 4), but most of them mean there’s a filesystem error or fault with the SD card.