Favorite audio & live audio mangling script on norns?

I’ve been absorbed in scripting my own creations on nonrs (for the most part) and am wanting to break out and look at some audio manipulation scripts.

What are some of your favorites? I’m enjoying Glaciers and OOOOOO. What am I missing?


When I want to give a great first impression of what Norns can do I run something simple through Barcode.

The reaction is always “Whaaaaaaaaaat” :robot:


Barcode is the first script I tried and it still amazes me how easy is to get something good from it.


Hmmm … I remember trying Barcode and being super confused as to what was happening. I think my brain just wasn’t ready yet. I’ll give it another shot.

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compass & otis tied at the top for me

cheat codes is definitely norns killer app tho
it’s basically an ingenious way to “livecode” sample mangling but the code is hidden behind button combos…unlike most software samplers and more flexible than any hardware sampler i’ve found

speaking of code/samples/etc check orca for norns too


Huge fan of:

Compass (randomisation, playback)
Twine (dual granulator)
Glaciers (paulstretch type thing)
oooooo (loops, timestretch)
CC2 (sampling, playback, glitch)
Barcode (sampling, playback)
Amen (sampling)
Granchild (Granular playback)

There could be more? But Granchild is the one I’m feeling most this week.


OK >>> Thanks everyone! I’ve dropped all of these onto my norns and look forward to feeding it some stems from the album I’m working on.


this thread lead me to Barcode for the first time, had a really fun session last night just layering vocals. on to Compass today! thanks everybody, so many gems yet to be discovered.


I have pedalboard … but what are some other live audio manipulating apps?

OOOOOO, reels, CC2 and barcode are great for sample manipulation. Anything out there good for chewing up the audio in live?


i might be wrong but…don’t all of the apps you mention have a live input mode?


I feel like the most common norns app archetype is an asynchronous destructive looper, which does that i think you’re describing. Dozens of apps for that

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https://norns.community is a great resource just in case you aren’t familiar.

I’d take granchild for a spin. Pretty amazeballs.

Otis,Samsara Also come to mind.


Maybe??? I’ll have to dig …


sorry if my comment sounded snarky
i’m 100% sure cc2 allows live sampling and i’m pretty sure the rest do

as mentioned above i frequently use otis and samsara for live mangling

check orca and compass too :slight_smile:


No worries. I have my first norns shield for almost a year and have spent 99% of my time scripting as opposed to exploring. I should really set aside some time to read up on a few of the fan favorites around here.

I’m just looking for some recs.


that’s a balance i think most of us are envious of…i’m checking your script now!


Thanks to the forum mods for linking this back to my other (slightly different) question about audio mangling apps. I’m not sure if all questions belong in Questions or if the Monome category has another purpose for discussion …

On one hand, I’m looking for scripts that can load samples or sample for input. This seems to be quite common and there are many GREAT variations on this.

On the other hand, I’m looking for scripts that I could use on an FX bus for live manipulation. Scripts that don’t require me to preload or grab snippets to manipulate. Scripts that are just listening to the input and constantly doing there thing. Is this a thing (other than pegboard type fx)?


there are plenty - off the top of my head, Otis, CC2, Compass, Pools, greyhole, delayyyy, here/there are ones i’ve used solely as an effect before, ie all can use live input without preloading samples


just wondering past built in compression if there are any particular scripts for it…

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So I found this Marcus Fisher workflow Video while listening to @dan_derks beautiful podcast episode with Marcus!

He at around 7:00 he demos his ER-301 Soundcomputer. He has a 20 sec feedbacklooper loaded where he liverecords his guitar into. After that he grabs granular bits (around 8:00) and kind of freezes them? But they don´t sound harsh but soft. It sounds glorious! At the same time the original loop keeps on playing.

How can I achieve something similar with Norns? What scripts or script should I choose or get into?

Is there a similar feedbacklooper skript? Or granular skript or a skript where I could play the granular bits in a scale after I recorded/sampled a loop?

This might be a super dumb question but I´m new to this and just explored scripts like barcodes, reels, compass, lithops and glaciers.