Favorite audio & live audio mangling script on norns?

that’s a balance i think most of us are envious of…i’m checking your script now!


Thanks to the forum mods for linking this back to my other (slightly different) question about audio mangling apps. I’m not sure if all questions belong in Questions or if the Monome category has another purpose for discussion …

On one hand, I’m looking for scripts that can load samples or sample for input. This seems to be quite common and there are many GREAT variations on this.

On the other hand, I’m looking for scripts that I could use on an FX bus for live manipulation. Scripts that don’t require me to preload or grab snippets to manipulate. Scripts that are just listening to the input and constantly doing there thing. Is this a thing (other than pegboard type fx)?


there are plenty - off the top of my head, Otis, CC2, Compass, Pools, greyhole, delayyyy, here/there are ones i’ve used solely as an effect before, ie all can use live input without preloading samples


just wondering past built in compression if there are any particular scripts for it…

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So I found this Marcus Fisher workflow Video while listening to @dan_derks beautiful podcast episode with Marcus!

He at around 7:00 he demos his ER-301 Soundcomputer. He has a 20 sec feedbacklooper loaded where he liverecords his guitar into. After that he grabs granular bits (around 8:00) and kind of freezes them? But they don´t sound harsh but soft. It sounds glorious! At the same time the original loop keeps on playing.

How can I achieve something similar with Norns? What scripts or script should I choose or get into?

Is there a similar feedbacklooper skript? Or granular skript or a skript where I could play the granular bits in a scale after I recorded/sampled a loop?

This might be a super dumb question but I´m new to this and just explored scripts like barcodes, reels, compass, lithops and glaciers.


I’d check out any of the following scripts:

angl from the ash collection


Thanks ! Will check em out and report =)

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Please do! I’m curious to hear what comes out of it.

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Does Granchild have a live input? That is what I am missing … shame I can´t code :smiley:

Because as previously said it is such a good sounding script! thx for pointing me there @eequeue

Bottom right! :slight_smile:


Wow I just totally overlooked that! My brain was ahh okay all four are the same … I don´t need to look at this concientious :smiley:

What an awesome script! Exactly what I was missin in my setup.


It was in the first post in granchild’s own thread. I’ve never used the script personally, but it being mentioned made me look at the thread and accidentally see the answer to your question :smiley:


Since you asked for the outcome. This is a little jam i recorded to test a new camera angle since my monitors broke and I had to play on a smaller setup and rely on headphones. I was so happy with the little jam and the @infinitedigits granchild script that I thought I could post it on the tube!

I really fell in love with granchild! It is exactly what I was missing!

That jam will def end up as a Track on my new EP!


Great stuff! It’s giving me “In a Silent Way” vibes.

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Thank you! I revisited the album and kind of know what you mean!

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Is there any script for Norns that applies different effects to incoming live sound at random, like the recently released Cannabits for the Organelle?

my immediate thought was norns mother, so you could just use cannabits itself.

For people like me who know nothing, I found the following on the Organelle site… "Cannabits selects a new effect at a rate of your choosing. You don’t get to pick the effect or set the parameters of the effect, so it’s pretty ‘hands off’ once you set the rate and the wet/dry mix.

There are 12 effects the patch chooses from:
bit crusher, chorus, comb filter, constant gardener (playback speed and pitch effect), delay, distortion, envelope follower, freeze, pitch shifter, reverb, ring modulator, and sines (aka ‘partial party’ port).

Once the patch picks an effect, it also randomly picks the parameters for the effect."

I thought about using mother, but apparently it only reliably runs PD scripts developed for organelle up to firmware 2.x. Cannabits runs on Organelle OS 4.x, therefore it may not work properly in Mother.
This is why I am looking for a native LUA script that does the same thing.

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could you use a combination of toolkit and pedalboard?

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