Favorite Filters


I really love the harvestman polivoks vcf. smol soviet bb.
do polivoks filters from other manufacturers sound/behave notably different?


hearing a lot of people talk about using 3sis as a sound source - I have done it occasionally too, but for those of you who do it all the time how do you tune the thing? I feel like there’s some magic of the span+quality+freq combo relationships that I can’t crack in a musical way when using more than one of the outputs.


I’ve been eyeing the WMD Overseer (HP/LP stereo filter) to go along with a stereo delay setup I’m planning. Out of the filters I already have though, I think the QMMG is my fav: I use it on every patch, often with two or three channels in series!


Here’s a super boring question. Does anyone know of any high pass filter modules that’s sole purpose is to roll off low frequencies and adds no character or color what so ever? Basically just a utility with a cutoff knob to clean up low end and prevent muddiness in a patch. It would even be fine if it was fixed and cut everything from 300Hz down.


@photofractal I think there are a few small fixed filter modules, eg Bastl Propust comes to mind, that might fulfil this idea


I LOVE Bastl Cinnamon. Love this filter, and competes with the best at 5hp


Ah yes! This one is pretty great actually. Such a simple but useful module. Thanks!


– use Formant mode
– Center is unaffected by Span, so monitor it and tune it first, then bring in the other outputs and adjust Span to set the relationship between them
– I’m not sure it’s very accurate over more than a couple of octaves, but mine probably needs calibration
– the FM input is exponential, so if you use it, good luck.
– self-FM will definitely spoil any chances of tuning it, unless maybe you use a PLL, and that’s another can of worms :slight_smile:


Loving my Bastl Cinnamon, the dirt you can get from it is super satisfying. Thinking about getting a second


My favorite filters are:

Mannequins Three Sisters
Make Noise QMMG
Rossum Evolution
R*S Variable Slope Filter
XAOC Belgrad
Doepfer A-106-5 SEM
Doepfer A-106-6 XP

In that order. I’ll never get rid of the first three, no matter what the space constraints are.


I don’t have many filters in my modular (uVCF, Cinnamon, Optomix) but from those I definitely prefer the Cinnamon. The uVCF might be cleaner somehow and is probably a better sine oscillator (though Cinnamon works fine in that regard too) but I always end up using Cinnamon first. The input overdrive and character switches are great for what I like to do…


Not too big on filters in terms of high/low passing stuff, mostly because I don’t have too many in my case. I do have a MMG that I use mostly as a LPG and for more percussive stuff. Just installed a LxD for the same duties - first impression is very nice. Paired with a attenuater/-verter it can do filter sweeps and all that. Other than that I’m borrowing a Tonestar 8106 (semi-modular eurorack synth voice) that has a really nice sounding VCF, packed with great features like LFO, envelopes and such. I really like that one!

I’m very intrigued by the Three Sisters. Pretty sure that will be my next addition to the case.


do we really need another vote for 3 sisters?

yes, i think we do :slight_smile:

favorite filter by far. i’ve sometimes contemplated a second… but good golly, three? now there’s a thought.

edit: i’ll just add that i really love the filter on the atlantis, too. smooth, comforting, classic.


Same, I swapped my uVCF for a Cinnamon. the uVCF is really solid but… I don’t know, I found it kind of bland? Didn’t do much for me.


I’m rather fond of the AJH Mini Mod transistor ladder filter. I’m going to have to find some space for the Three Sisters though.


Another 3 Sisters fan here (I know right… yawn :grin:).

Mixing 3 different sound sources through the separate filter inputs is great fun (love using the harmonic outputs from Just Friends for this).

I’d put a vote in for Ripples too. The filter+VCA is a handy package (plus it sounds super).


Cwejman MMF-6 + RS Variable Q + 4ms SMR with an extra RS WaveMultipliers :slight_smile:


North Coast 007 VCF is also amazing!!!


That MMF is very skiff friendly.


I hear you on the Elements. I love it but it does take up a lot of space.