Favorite Filters


my gambit is always “can I get Elements back into my 6u” and/or “do i just commit to having a satellite 3u for Elements and some other pals”


I’ve had nothing but a total blast working with Elements. So many different sweet spots dependin on your input.


I have been experimenting with using my filters (sometimes Elements and Aperture together) at the end of the chain for my whole mix. Dig how WMD demos it here with drums.


I had some fun today with Make Nose FXDf into RxMx and fooling around with channel and radiate.


Love my three sisters as well, but a shoutout to the Hordijk/Epoch Twin Peak that’s about to arrive…


Wish I hadn’t checked out cinnamon, I thought I was done with buying filters but the demos sound brilliant. And there’s a full diy kit on thonk that makes it harder to resist. I always avoided looking into bastl partly because I really wasn’t feeling the wood panels but the kits are aluminium.


I can dig that. I really like the wood but it does look a bit naff if you only have one of their modules :smiley:


Yeah cinnamon IS amazing. The wood is nice, but a bit hard to read.


I’ve clearly voted with my wallet by buying a 3sis, but am curious if there is any love for the Rossum Morpheus?


I’ve had a Morpheus and sold it. It needs a lot of care if you want to get the most out of it.

It clips easily and the results you get from different filter models vary extremely based on the input. To me, it felt nigh impossible to develop an intuition for what filter model/cube might work for what sort of source material and so I found myself just browsing through presets, hoping to find something that’d work well. This is not how I like to work at all, which was the main reason why I got rid of it again.

I think it’s an amazing module if you’re going to structure your whole patch around it and you have the sort of patience to dive deep into it (I’m sure that with enough effort you could learn to use a more targeted approach than mine). It certainly sounds awesome when everything fits together. Not necessarily very filter-like (as there are a lot of cubes that are mainly doing frequency dependent phase shifting), but awesome nonetheless.

Another thing I want to mention because I was particularly disappointed by it was the sequencing of filter models: Instead of directly transitioning from filter A to filter B, it blends to the dry signal between every step (i.e. filter A -> dry -> filter B). I’m sure there were good reasons for why it couldn’t have been done differently, but this made a feature of this filter that I was originally very excited about completely useless to me.


I owned this module for about 2 weeks before selling it. I loved the concept and trusted Rossum to make something great but I was really disappointed with it. On top of everything you mentioned I just really didn’t like the sound of it at all. I replaced it with the Belgrad and could be happier.


I’m surprised one one mentioned the System 80 Jove yet. This get’s the most use in my rack at the moment. Makes anything square into a sine in 24db LP mode.
I’ll also add another vote for the Pittsburgh Filter mkII. I use it as a sine wave oscillator a lot these days for plucky FM percussion sounds, but it’s a super-versatile filter too (and cheap).

Just ordered a Doepfer A-103 (303 clone), and I’m really hoping it can do more than acid bass-lines, If not, no big deal right?


I’m curious whether anyone can comment on the Sherman Filterbank. Seems interesting.


I’ve wondered about the filterbank too, I remember seeing an interview with Oneohtrix Point Never where he talks about using one but aside from that I haven’t seen much.


I had a Sherman v.1 some time ago. It was a very “signature” effect, in that it did a few things well but wasn’t all that versatile. I had a similar experience with the Metasonix KV-100.

I suppose it makes sense if you have many other effects and want to patch it in once in a while, but not for everyday use, on all types of material.

The filters had a really unique kind of distortion, not so much like an overdrive, more like a crunchy intermodulation noise that varies with the cutoff, something like aliasing with BBD delays but not exactly that.


I’d have to say Klangbau Köln Twin Peak Resonator. Best pings in the euro business.


not sure why but i have quite a liking for incorporating filters. here are some i love using:

  • Fluctuations Magnétiques (Eowave)
  • VCF-74 MK2 (VSL)
  • Tràigh (Instruo)
  • HN VCF (Happy Nerding)
  • Filtr (Pittsburgh Modular)

there’s more actually but those are favourites………


Does anyone have an example of two Three Sisters being cross-modulated to share?


I’d also love to see this if possible…


Is it the same as the Epoch Twin Peak?