Favorite Filters


Another Three sisters fan here. Almost feels like a mini Sherman for me.


Since filters are the topic, maybe you could help me out.
I don’t know much about filters, and investment in a filter is quite some money, but I need one.
can anyone recommend a nice clean multimode filter, with good resonance (self oscillating is a plus). Not very large in the HP department and also not more than 250 usd/euros?
Do you think the Random Source VCFQ fits the description?
What about the Bastl Cinnamon? (Without the distortions toggled)

I’ve listened to many demos of several filters, but I can’t really see much difference, my hearing isn’t that great…

I had my eye set on three sisters because of the possibilities for creative filtering, but it is over budget (US modules are more expensive in Europe).


If you want to go smaller, the Intellijel uVCF is cheap, clean, and great for sines.


I’ve had a bunch of different filters and the hunt aint over yet. I’ve got a VCFQ at the moment and wouldn’t call it a regular clean multimode filter, more of a sound source really. It’s great and all but not your regular clean filter. And another thing to consider is that Random Source is using Serge components, not eurorack so they’re hotter(?) than your other stuff. I attenuate their outputs and everything’s fine. Just a fair warning.

If it’s a solid clean and friendly filter you’re looking for, I’d go for uVCF or Polaris from Intellijel (maybe both? I used to have 2 x uVCF and a Polaris some time ago and sort of miss that filter combo).


You might also find a Korgasmatron at a decent price now that the Morgasmatron is out. Dual multi mode filters,


The SSF/WMD is the best as far as price to hp to quality is concerned in eurorack IMO. Also my favorite HP filter in eurorack.

Three sisters I continue to find new uses for. Recently been experimenting more with feedback, and using precise cv into its exponential fm input to dance around its resonance self-oscillation point with a mangrove input for some truly wonderful and nasty bass lines.

The Synthesis Technology E440 is straight up the best low pass filter I’ve ever heard. The multiple slope outs also make it special for feedback purposes, and in general it takes audio rate FM particularly well. Tracks extremely well in self-oscillation as well.

The rxmx-fxdf combo is also amazing for feedback with two different simultaneous slope inputs. I find it particularly fun with random voltage and various noise color inputs for percussion sounds.

Really love the WMD Aperature, it’s a special design. Next on my list to buy when I can afford a new case as well.


I agree! Another factor to take into consideration is build quality. The E440 is built like the proverbial tank. In my hunt for the perfect Low Pass, I sent back a couple of contenders because the frequency knobs were poor quality and wobbly.


It works for me. Seems to be pretty clean and simple IMHO with the switches off.


The Epoch Twin Peak pings beautifully as well. I adore it, Here’s a great example by severence


They’re based on the same Rob Hordijk design but with different tweaks in implementation. The Klangbau Twin Peak Resonator adds a couple of features not available in the original design (copy/paste from another forum):

  • There is a knob to make filter 2 FM modulate filter 1
  • And a knob to go from bandpass to low pass. Only filter 1 works in lowpass mode
  • Normalization for amplitude-to-pitch tracking


Bastl Cinnamon always has a little bit of crunch to it, even with all the drive switches off, so maybe wouldn’t be what you’re looking for. I would say Intellijel uVCF is worth a look, as someone else also mentioned. 6hp and very clean sounding.

(if you’re in the UK/EU I have one for sale :slight_smile: )


I’m going to put a quick vote in for Mutable Instruments’ Ripples. It doesn’t have an HP output; it does, however, have BP and both 2 and four-pole lowpass. Other notable things: super-clean sines if you want them; voltage-control of resonance; optional built-in VCA on the four-pole LP channel making it really handy in little systems. It sounds… squelchy and Rolandy, by and large.


Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a piece I recorded last night with two Three Sisters being cross-modulated - they’re the only sound sources. Built with just a handful of triggers from TT/JF pinging the Low and High inputs, and then sending various outs to other inputs across both Sisters. Careful control of the Quality control on both filters leads to some interesting drones, screeches and everything in between.

Took the All outputs to Cold Mac (Left + Right), and sent one of the Center outputs from Sisters to Survey, creating strange panning/stereo effects when resonance increases. Not the most interesting example of this, though - there’s lots to explore!


Anyone own a Verbos Bark Filter? That thing sounds really insane judging by the demos I’ve seen. Thoughts?


Thanks - some great textures there! I like the idea of using Cold Mac to set up symmetrical effects with the Sisters.


just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to @Olivier & @Starthief for two simple tips that completely unlocked three sisters for me, which i already loved for spectral mixing but now adore as a sound source. so good i want a second one, crap


This one intrigues me - as does most of their stuff, actually…


Speaking of 3 Sisters, I just checked this morning and it looks like WR has it restocked.


The WMD SSF MMF doesn’t take up much space and is pretty rad from what I have heard: https://www.wmdevices.com/collections/wmd-ssf-eurorack-modular/products/multi-mode-filter-mmf