Favorite Filters


I think you mean


That one is probably it! I just picked the one closest to my birth home. Taking delivery of the epitomes module tonight!


I tried it out tonight with settings from a googled vowel formant chart.


Mind repeating those tips?


+1 Would love to hear the insight.


Toppobrillo Multifilter fits this bill nicely. Clean, self-oscillates, nicely resonant, 4 outputs/modes, tracks 1v/o, potential for gain/overdrive, dual audio or CV ins. It’s a great filter.


Quick bump. Has anyone tried the Roland 521 filter?


Japanoise classic, I have added a fixed filter sweep knob in the middle, plus if i remember correctly i tweaked some stuff for maximum resonance.

Evil Moisture Fither - sort of MS20 filter clone with some inexplicable mods that do some kind of self-tracking of the filter frequency?


I’ve been tempted by the roland, it just seems like a really simple way to mix sound sources in a musical way, but it’s pretty pricey.

I’m surprised there’s not more love in this thread for the doepfer wasp filter, considering how many people have it in their rack. Cheap as chips, super versatile, and sounds great! I love mixing in a tiny bit of the high end with a very low pass filter.


I love my Wasp Filter! I need to make space for it in my rack.

It does some really strange stuff when you crank the input gain and resonance.


Have one too. It’s definitely a no brainer for anyone looking for a cheap, but good filter. Also very different due to lack of self-resonance.


The only euro filter I have is Three Sisters, but I do have two of them, sooo… :sunglasses:

Also, does anyone happen to know what filter topology was used for the Korg volca keys? I have yet to hear a filter that gets as crunchy and screams without overtaking the input like that one can. That little synth is so much fun.


I think it is the old Minikorg 700S filter, which is a discrete design.

Vintage Sound Labs (which gets raved about) filter is also based around that design.

Might be worth checking out? Mylar Melodies did a great video demo on Youtube!


I have this one. Need some time to tame it but sounds very musical. Dirty driven or clean.


A vote for XAOC Belgrad here. Versitle. It can be clean and pretty or it can pack a wallop if you so choose.


I wound up trading my Three Sisters for a Belgrad. If I used filters in a more conventional way I would prefer the Sisters – the overall tone is more beautiful IMHO, even if the resonance can’t be completely dialed away. But for the oddball stuff I tend to do, Belgrad is a better fit.


I’m so happy we both came out on the positive end on that trade :smiley:

Belgrad is a sweet filter for sure, those cross feedback settings have some really cool tonal effects on filter sweeps.


i have doepfer wasp, sem and a-101-2.
i love all three. i especially like to use wasp and sem to process left and right channels of a stereo signal with similar settings and similar (but not the same) modulation. the difference in filter design creates subtle but effective stereo enhancements.

the a-101-2 is one of the most underrated filters imho. it’s only low-pass but it can also be a lopass gate or a vca. in filter mode it self-oscillate like crazy (no precise 1v/oct tracking tho), the level knob goes up into very fat saturation. one of the best features is that if you put it in lpg mode then you send gates into g1 and g2 you can switch between all three modes and create very interesting rhythmic sequences.


3sis + r*s Serge VCFQ. I don’t need anything else.


You see, it’s like a filter… but I can put some hair on top of the filter