Favorite Free AU and VST Plugins


dfx transverb> http://destroyfx.smartelectronix.com/
taldub3> https://tal-software.com/Products

seemingly, we live in the 'future

on the crust of the earth
breathing the air
below the clouds
and above the salt water
digital audio is 'old
rain falls from the sky,
food grows from the ground

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I am assuming this thread is for free plug-ins?

I think the venerable soundhack plugins deserve a mention :slight_smile:

Cecilia is also great.


For some cracking higain amp Sims and other guitar based niceness I recently discovered…

Also has an impulse loader (only 32bit)

Nice tube screamer sim
Great cab sim
Emissary amp is :smiling_imp::metal:


And for synths… My all time favourites SYNTH1, Dexed and SQ8L



George Yohng’s clone of Waves L1 limiter http://www.yohng.com/software/w1limit.html
Audio Damage Rough Rider mulitband compressor http://www.audiodamage.com/downloads/product.php?pid=ADF002


Ohmforce Frohmage filter https://www.ohmforce.com/ViewProduct.do?p=Frohmage
LFX-1310 multi-effects http://sonic-cat.com/lfx-1310/

Foreground Effect (Disquiet Junto Project 0241)

Mr Alias’ nasty synth http://www.thepiz.org/mralias2/
Symptohm PE synth https://www.ohmforce.com/UseFreeSoftware.do?action=listFreeNonStandalones&productId=1274001


TDR’s plugins deserve a mention - Kotelnikov’s handling of transients is dark magic. iZotope Vinyl should be here too, nothing else gets even close (that isn’t a turntable). Also love Luftikus - ends up on master in too many projects. Digits for phase distortion synth.


Synth1 (linked to above already) really scratches my itches recently. The amount of user presets you can get online is astonishing.

Sanford Reverb is great.

Most of the TAL synthesizers are good too.


My company recently released a saturation plug-in called Indent: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio_indent.html

It’s free for 6 more days.


limiter 6 by Vladislav Goncharov
(afaik he’s working with Tokyo Dawn Lab mentioned by @eesn)

oh and the free chorus/flanger/phaser/etc. by ValhallaDsp is worth a check


klanghelm has a couple of freeware slimmed-down versions of their full plugs: two compressors, dc1a and mjuc jr, and a pretty nice little saturator called IVGI.

'course, all of their plugs are like $30 anyway, so it’s worth throwing them some cash. dc2a is an astonishingly good compressor.

Foreground Effect (Disquiet Junto Project 0241)
A Cartoon Graphic Score (Disquiet Junto Project 0247)

Windows users should check out the Atlantis synth and filter:


Both feature wonderful implementations of the randomise button…


fuzz plus 3 and rough rider


what do we know about this…
molot compressor https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/downloads/


My goto plugin in every project is probably Liquisonic’s Reverberate https://www.liquidsonics.com/
And I do like to use this one here for which I’ve made the UI quite a lot as well: http://ju-x.com/frosting.html (which is not so obvious… once you’ve spent so much time on something, it’s not always the case that you feel like actually using them for making music :slight_smile: )
Among the free ones, I still get back to Synth1 when I need a softsynth.


I really enjoy Podolski which is a soft synth from U-he a really solid German soft synth company. I like the other synth by them Tyrell N6. Both have really solid sound and flexibility.


well i’ve never used it. did you play with it ?


I love love love the plugins from https://varietyofsound.wordpress.com/. Very subtle and elegant designs.


yes :slightly_smiling_face:
it’s got it’s own sound, kinda cool for right now…