Favorite Monome app and why

Hello all,
I just built my monome. Haven’t messed around a lot yet. I was just wondering what everyone’s go to apps are. There are a lot and it is hard to tell what’s happening even with a video and description. I would like to know what everyone has fun with. Thanks!


I’ve been having a ton of fun with MLRV. I’m coming over to the computer music world after being an instrumentalist for most of my life, and MLRV allows me to feel like I’m really “performing” with my loops. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of “improvising” with these set, unchanging loops - but MLRV is helping me bridge that gap. I really feel like I’m doing something with what I’ve written other than just hitting a clip start button and saying “yep. Isn’t that nice?”

Outside of that, Meadowphysics is really great - I’ve been doing a lot with the teletype version, especially the synthesizer one.

mlr, definitely my favorite app. fun/spontaneous way to work with samples.

Polygome is great along with everything else Stretta has designed.

i like blinken park and ricochet, both plenty of lights, randomness and can be generative in general

i use the party van to play and improvise, as a concrète musique tool. i feed the party van with synthesized sounds from aalto (i’ve also tested it with found sounds and the result is very appealing). these last weeks i’ve also used meadow physics and teletype to prepare the sounds by driving the soft synth.

teletype and meadowphysics allow me to introduce more random events into the flow of sounds. i can go deeper into randomness (tones, timbres, filter, space, envelope …).
the party van has the tools to (heavily) process the sounds and built a performance.

definitely party van, for it’s immediacy… and depth no less. With being an instrumentalist, it pairs well with most any instrument.

I really liked tintinabulome… adapted from Arvo Pärt’s ideas it pretty much sounded beautiful each time -especially if you approached it thoughtfully, the way patterns always related well to each other and could be played live at different rates… shame the 64 version never made the migration to serialosc.

-just my two cents.

For me, the party van stands out. Well worth the price of hardware admission (in fact I got a 64 just for that).

MLRV is fantastic, as is polygomé. Polygomé in particular is something anyone can relate to and play with.

The Mark Eats sequencer is also fantastic, despite its limitations (I would love to be able to have sequences of different lengths playing against each other… haven’t found out how to do that yet if it’s even possible).

Well these are just the ones I use regularly.

For me it has to be Mark Eats. So intuitive, and I love that I never really need to look at the screen mid-jam.

I love mlr because it’s very visual. Perfect on stage. However, I still wish I didn’t stop using molar.

you can alter the sequence length can you not?

just use the loop function to reduce the ‘loop’ by a few notes,

or have I missed the point?

I am indeed totally stupid, thanks!

I mean I’m so stupid I was already doing it but hadn’t thought of it in those terms.

This will sound funny, but I still use monome_press to play Tonnetz :+)

mrlv is too much fun… I really like dj64. Aaand 7Up really changed the way I used the device for a long time.

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love the build in delay and reverb

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Re:mix : Best mlr clone so far

  • m4l, so i can use it inside ableton
    +recordable buffers
    +audio group outs
    +midi-fied, click the learn button and map everything you want
    +super stable

-stepper: linking different patterns in a meta sequence. Editing a different pattern than the one running.
-Melodizer: Best note grid with pattern recorder. +choose rootnote from the grid.

Haven’t found other monome apps with these features anywhere else. If anyone knows any, plwase contact ne as I’m no longer using 7up and need a replacement for the stepper and melodizer…

maybe mark eats sequencer is similar to 7up? don’t know for sure tho because i never tried it out myself

I liked 64 fingers… Back when I had the grid.

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I have great affection for most monome apps.

But I’m very fond of Monome Notes because it is often the fastest way to make the monome do something musical with other musical devices I’m working with at the time.

The app author, myr, describes it:

monome notes is an app for playing midi notes on a grid device. it turns each key on the grid into a midi note which you can trigger by pressing the key, similar to a keyboard or drum pad. the app allows you to control the way the notes are laid out and displays information about the current note layout on the leds.

it’s kind of like a guitar fretboard, where you can change the tuning between strings, change the distance between frets and even snap it to play in a scale; all the while the fretboard can light up to show you whatever scale you select.

you set the interval between each column and row in semitones (or scale degrees if snapped to scale), relative to the first note in the grid. the first note in the grid is set by the offset number. you can set a scale using the drop down menu, set the root note for this scale to start on and snap to the scale eliminating all non-diatonic notes from the grid.