Favorite plug ins, worth buying 🙂


klanghelm sdrr

'Coding plugins is actually comparable to how I approached songwriting: just try to tune each string of your guitar to a timbre you like, then trying to get all strings to give a nice melody when strummed even without using the left hand and finally “invent” new chords and built your song upon that. -tf

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:slight_smile: just bought this one…


I recently used dynamics processors, eqs & reverbs from the calf plugin suite to mix some demos for my jam band & bar band…


worth buying!? I dunno… but definitely worth checking out. I was happy enough with the processing…


valhalla and sdrr i use all of the time. sdrr sits on my master bus, usually.

also, fabfilter. expensive, but not waves and amazing.


+1 for fabfilter
proQ2 + proDS are amazing and well designed plugins

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iZotope plugins are great


I can’t stop playing with Coldcut’s Midivolve.

Liquid Music and Numerology are a couple more ways to generate very musical MIDI.

Everything Madrona Labs makes is amazing.

V5 of the Arturia V collection is a huge improvement over V4 and I use it all the time.

XILS-Lab’s PolyM Memorymoog emulation is really nice for strings, organs, and pads.

Omnisphere, Falcon, and Kontakt are all great sample engines, but Omnisphere and Falcon are also superb synths. Omnisphere excels at multitimbrality, and this makes it useful for MPE (which Madrona Labs synths are also perfect for).

As much as I want to like Silent Way, I end up having much better luck integrating with eurorack via Reaktor.

I’m probably a little too fond of iZotope’s Stutter Edit.

I use Spaceship Delay on almost everything. It’s amazing. Oh, oops, it’s free!

sforzando is also free and has hidden depths for treating samples like a synth. (or for turning your synths into samples)

Speaking of samples, I don’t know how I lived without Serato Sample. I mean, Ableton’s Sampler is superb, but Serato’s Sample is even better.


Soundtoys is awesome!



I have been loving Sylenth recently. Great value for the money.


And Katsuhiro Chiba’s Ableton pack “classic synths” is free but sounds amazing so have been using that heavily too.


Soundtoys and UAD plugs


I’ve been enjoying Softube’s Modular. My eurorack system has been in storage the past year and Modular has been fun to have around.

Also excited about the upcoming Unfiltered Audio effect Spec Ops.


Thanks! Hopefully we can get it out at the beginning of September.


GRM Tools, FabFilter, some iZotope, Applied Acoustics Systems, Madrona Labs, New Sonic Arts


Also, if you’re on OS: Soundmagic Spectral by Michael Norris is classic freeware.

KTGranulator was another classic freeware plug back in the 32bit days. I think it’s now available commercially as SumoGrain or SaltyGrain or something like that…


Since I got Valhalla Room I never needed any other reverb anymore.

For final mix/master, Tone Boosters Reel Bus and Voxengo Elephant are always present.

Synth - Aalto is my absolute favorite!


SUPER into Sound Radix Auto-Align. It’s been my secret weapon when mixing tracks. Nothing super fancy, it just analyzes two different channels, say left over head and right overhead, and calculates the perfect amount of offset to have the best phase relationship. I always measure my overheads to the snare, but even then it’s not perfect. On a recent gospel session my over heads were calculated as 3 samples out of phase, and when they were in sync, it sounded more open and punchy. I think I got it on sale for like 75 or 50 bucks?


Totally forgot. Jbridge!!! For using 32bit plugins in your 64bit DAW. Sometimes utilities are exciting :grin:


+1 for aalto :grinning:


I think all of the plugins I consider favorites have already been mentioned, so I guess I’m just adding +1s:

  • Madrona Labs Aalto (Beautiful interface, really interesting sounds, MPE - what’s not to like)
  • Spectrasonics Keyscape (I have not ever heard E-Pianos this awesome. I can play with this for hours and lose myself in there)
  • U-He Zebra HZ (The synth that can do anything you can imagine)
  • U-He Satin (mainly for the slight wobble you get from delay mode with a delay of 0, slow ips and a little bit of slow time modulation… sigh)
  • Klanghelm MJUC (This is the first compressor that I really felt strongly about one way or the other. Most compressors I tried just did what they’re supposed to… this is special - to me anyways)
  • Klanghelm SDRR (I love that it can be so subtle in the saturation. With my SoundToys saturation plugins, I have to try really hard to not overdo it… with this, it’s easy)
  • ValhallaDSP Plate (I love plate reverbs, and It’s obvious that Sean does as well)
  • SoundToys Echoboy (Best delay there is in my opinion. Does everything I could ever want from a delay)