Favorite plug ins, worth buying

Definitely. I think that offer is a no brainer (unless you’re already really well equipped with plugins), at least for a few months. Especially since you can cancel / renew at a monthly basis. It’s basically just a pay $30 for any plugin deal. Honestly don’t quite understand why they are offering it with these conditions. I don’t think many people will just keep the subscription running until they own everything…


I don’t understand it especially if it’s confirmed that there’s no obligation to suscribe for a year wtf? It’s basically “all our plugins cost 30€ if you’re ok to wait next month”.

I mean… I’m ok, I wanted to buy specifically one plugin for live use, and I was waiting for when they’d do their sale to buy it at 30€ ahah

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Omg yes! I used a kush sub for a little bit but really mostly stuck with my fave itb processor UBK which I owned anyways…
There’s a ridiculous giveaway by plug-in alliance - 6 plug-ins and stupidly cool ones like the shadow hills (which I’ve nearly bought so many times) and focusrite desk emu, oberheim box synth….
Download, it’s free :slight_smile:

You’re even allowed to stack subscriptions, so it’s literally all of our plugins are 30$. There’s the twist that they can still claim their plugins are worth the sticker price, remove this plan, etc.

It’s an interesting move. Clearly they like their business model of offering both subscriptions and heavy discounts to folks who want to own the plugins. They might have realized that enough customers know to wait for discounts for the impact of their release advertising/promo to be stunted. They might also have plans to increase the appeal of their other subscription options.

I didn’t think of that but PA being the subscription king and now this and the merger might be a hint at the long awaited NI move to subscription. It would make sense and they have a lot of expertise in the matter.

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i use dirge in ableton for that


Errr……Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Brainworx bx_masterdesk and others for free until April 26th. Btw - the bx_oberhausen included also is a really good soft synth emulation of the classic SEM. The bundle alone is $599 if you bought it.

“ Instruments’ ETHEREAL EARTH Play Series instrument, iZotope’s Neutron Elements package, and the new PA Soundwide Welcome Bundle, featuring 6 Hit Plugins from Ampeg, Black Box Analog Design, Brainworx, Focusrite, and Shadow Hills.”


Noticed and claimed that yesterday - nicely on the same day I got an actual modern music computer (M1 Macbook Pro 14") after a long hiatus. The HG-2 is a really, really good saturator, I love how the Shadow Hills comp sounds like on master bus, and the oberhausen has a very unique timbre among the “analog modeling” synths I have. I admit I haven’t really seriously tried almost any new plugins except for some MPE-capable synths for the past 7 years or so, but it’s amazing they’re giving these away.

(I guess it’s fair to say most people would not buy it at $599 anyway due to frequent discounts and the new “get one for $30 every month” deal though, but it’s still a superb package of things…)


Same situation. I keep a page in my Notion for “PA licenses to buy” with my end of year M&M voucher, but i think this “any for $30” will replace that method.

sadly this seems to be intel only at the moment and i’m on an m1

oddly enough
so am i…

i’ve used it recently with no issues but might be something weird between macos, max, and ableton that is preventing you from using it

i think the issue is i’m running Live in native mode and not Rosetta.

Any fans of Acustica Audio plugins here?

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SSL has a pretty ridiculous sale on right now… Channel strip and Bus Compressor for $50


Frankly I rarely advise for such things, especially since my first impulse with these a year or so ago was like “ugh another SSL channel strip” but the fact is… I just like them both better than their equivalent that I used to have and now I only exclusively use these for “SSL like channel strip”, so I think for the price of a Valhalla plugin they’re basically a very good offer if you use such things in your mix. (At the “usual price” they’re not worth it if you’ve got another competing offer imo, and they rarely go on sale, I know because I checked and I was really pleasantly surprised when I saw the news)

Yeah, I probably should have clarified - I’ve been keeping the “official” SSL bus compressor in my view for a while, and was thinking “maybe next time it’s on sale, I’ll see if I can get it for under $150, maybe around $100 if I’m lucky”… $50 for the two of them was an immediate “ok fine, take my money”.

I’m assuming (perhaps incorrectly?) that these are going to sound at least as good as the UAD 4000 emulations (even though the channel strip is advertised as a 9000 model)

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For what it’s worth, I installed these yesterday and had a quick listen to all of them, and BX_Masterdesk sounds really nice. It’s the kind of plugin I usually go into with pretty low expectations, and the fact that it adds a few DB in its default state and there’s no automatic gain compensation (which literally every plugin should have at this point) is also a red flag, but it ended up sounding really nice even after I spent some time getting it to unity. So that was a really pleasant surprise!

A less pleasant surprise was that twice when I stopped the transport with the Focusrite channel strip active I got bursts of full scale noise, and one lasted for half a second and was potentially speaker damaging. Hopefully that’s just a one time thing, but I’ve never had it happen before. It sounded a lot like what happens when a s/pdif connection loses clock.

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I have both, I like the SSL ones better and it’s replaced the UAD (which I used quite a lot), I still use the UAD in Unison for preamp “coloration” when I need it, but I’m really impressed by what SSL has done.

I should add I’m the type of person that doesn’t really care wether it’s faithful to the original hardware or not. I’ve used an actual 9000 plenty of times in the studios, and besides that “it sounds good” and that pushing the knobs was always both technically and musically useful because it felt callibrated intelligently, I still couldn’t tell if it’s better similar or worse than plugin iterations.

Even in the studio, I recall some channels having slight variations in color from one another sometimes if the console had not been serviced for a while so it’s always a bit complicated to play that “software vs hardware” game for me.

But all this being said, the reason I use it is because I find it to be a time saver because the callibration and the color of moving the pre-defined EQ bands is helping not get carried away in over-correcting the sounds through endless additions/subtractions of frequencies on a Pro Q3 typically, or inversely, it can help me push some frequencies I’d be afraid to push because there’s less “visualization of the frequency curve” involved so I tend to stick with what I hear.


there’s no automatic gain compensation (which literally every plugin should have at this point)

i actually just bought this max4live device that attempts to solve that. pretty impressive so far. Volume Buddy | Noir Labs

i stumbled across it while trying to research soothe 2 - it’s currently on sale so i’m going back and forth about whether i should grab it. anyone have thoughts on it?


It’s a case of “do you need it?”, I have it, I use it on vocals and some very specific acoustic recording because I like how it can smooth/deharsh the sound in a way that helps me build my mix however I want them. But if I didn’t do a lot of mic recording, I’d almost never need it.

I know there are some odd use cases by basically using it against its design to do weird things, and I’ve used it that way exactly once (to have a sort of eery background synth) but that alone would not be worth the price to me because it’s a bit too unpredictable.

For the job it does though, I can’t think of any other way to do it. I don’t have Smooth Operator by BabyAudio or Gullfoss so I can’t really say if it’s better.