Favorite plug ins, worth buying 🙂

Oops, meant granular effect. Fixed it.

It’s only 87$ at the moment.

Oh great! Well it’s still a little expensive but it’s definitely an FX I enjoy using, check the demos, I think you’ll know if that’s what you want!

I’ve been enjoying Kilohearts’ Multipass a lot. Lot’s of creative potential and really nice, clean and easy-to-get-ahold-of UI. Previously I’ve done multi-band effects with lots of sends and it’s a bit of hassle when used more as a sound design tool rather than mixing tool, but Multipass has opened a lot of flexible techniques for me.

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I‘ve demoed these babies and was blown away. Surely specialist engines but in my daily work, these make a big difference with voiceover recordings…


It would be a dream come true if someone could put this in norns script form


My favorites are Omnipressor, the Newer puremagnetik granular plug-ins (pastfabric, splitch, fathoms,all of them), unfiltered audio fault/dent/sandman/byome/triad, audio damage quanta, the ableton grain scanner, hy-delay 4, phaseplant, ribs, mishby, glitchmachines palindrome, pianoteq 6, raum, dmitry sches thorn, the Denise mastering plugins, pulsar smasher, uhe presswerk, gramotech Babylon, kush ubk/pusher


Absynth. I’ve been using it for 10+ years and it continues to impress me every time.


i might have something brewing…cheat codes shares similar foundational dna, so i’ve been building out a completely grid-less clock-locked tracker + snake mode. as i’ve been testing, it’s feeling more and more akin to s+a’s cycles :slight_smile:


Truth! Absynth will always be an absolute gem. The most common complaint I hear about is the UI, but I guess I’ve grown used to it over the years.

I’m interested in Brian Clevinger’s new synth, hopefully it turns out great: https://rhizomatic.xyz/index.php/plasmonic/


Yeah the UI is annoying, but it just makes me feel all warm and nostalgic now.

Plasmonic looks really great. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, much appreciated!


Soothe is great on strings as well, you can really boost the high end with something else and then just tame the spiking resonances.


this would be incredible

So cool! My Norns arrived this week, would be amazing to see something influenced by our software in there :slight_smile:


hey! excited to see what you make for norns (you’re going to love softcut) and interested to hear if you get into cheat codes at all – it feels like we’re curious about similar things. also, y’all have such great design sense — the cycles UI is really lovely. glad you’re here :slight_smile:

to keep my contributions to this thread on-topic, i’m coming up to the last days of my MODO BASS trial and i’m gonna spring for it. i never thought i would lose my damn mind over physically modeled electric bass, but here we are! :exploding_head:


Does anyone know of a Rhodes plugin that stands head and shoulders above the stock Ableton/Logic instruments?

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Spectrasonics Keyscape

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And if your wallet just wants one that’s head but maybe not shoulders above, the Arturia Stage 73 sounds quite nice IMO.


It’s been a while since I used Logic… Ableton’s one is an AAS model of a MK1 though.

There are some very good sample based options. With the harddisk space tax. So as long as that’s not an issue for you.

Labs has a pretty good EP for free. Might be a good place to start.

I would second the Arturia shout. You get much more than a straight Mk1. They give a few models. I don’t think this one is sample based - it’s the Arturia modelling stuff.

Also the Scarbee Mk1 in Kontakt is also a very good sample based option. I think that comes with most versions of Komplete and has been in there for a good few years…

I really like AAS Lounge Lizard, repackaged as Electric in Ableton, but the presets are more numerous on the “real” one…