Favorite plug ins, worth buying ๐Ÿ™‚


+1 for any Valhalla, Klanghelm, Madronalabs, TDR Labs

iโ€™d add Goodhertz (their limiter is a favorite).


YES! I love Madrona Labs Aalto. So good!



madrona lab aalto is a masterpiece it is so inspiring to play




Been waiting for an excuse to buy Kaivo. Thank you!


I just picked this up and it is great - https://xferrecords.com/products/cthulhu
Almost like having a Kria arpeggiator in the box.


Iโ€™ve been buying most of the AudioDamage iOS stuff lately, and will probably buy some of the desktop stuff when i have disposable income again


deep cut twin peaks discount code < 3


Yeah thatโ€™s a super cool code indeed ^^


Supatrigga, a free plugin that chops the incoming audio and re-arrange it in several ways.


The goodhertz plugins are now available for windows as well (in beta, but they work well for me). Thought someone here might be interested.


Looks useful. Need to give it a try.


still using my old little plug-ins both on my old & new computer, but i like to check plug-in boutiqueโ€ฆnot just for the deals, but also for โ€œstoringโ€ my licenses and updates.

hope it helps!


Any opinions on Waves? Sound/usability/the licencing & installation system?

Theyโ€™ve got a huge sale on at the moment & the Silver bundle looks like it might scratch my itchโ€ฆ I had to downgrade my Ableton licence from Suite to Intro recently, and am really missing EQ8, Glue etc.


C R U S H E R - X !!!

Iโ€™m surprised that with a group that thrives within complexity that one of the more intriguing granular effects wasnโ€™t already listed here, There is nothing else remotely like it.



long in the tooth, but many staples and workhorses there. no problems with installation or function. must be all kinds of reasons theyโ€™re still around. i find them quite cpu-effective. the L1 and L3 always amaze me, and so does their de-esser.


I love this too and itโ€™s currently 55% off on reverb, heads up yโ€™all.


The Plugin Alliance ones that Mike Hetrick released are really amazing. SpecOps is wonderful for drums. I canโ€™t say how much i have enjoyed using that the past two weeks


+1 on everything from Valhalla and Madrona Labs. Money well spent.

Besides those, my favorite software instrument is the good old Korg Wavestation. It is one of the rare occasions when a plugin is better than the original hardware. And even today it has a very unique sound that is hard to recreate otherwise.

I donโ€™t even know what it costs these days. Everytime I update my computer, it is the first plugin I open up to make sure it still works.


I love the Wavestation plugin, and the M1 one too. They sound just as good as the hardware, and the interface is better too. I just wish they updated them so they can be resized, theyโ€™re looking awful small on my monitor these days.