Favorite plug ins, worth buying 🙂


I actually quote like the small size. I tend to get intimmidated by those huge plugins :slight_smile:


On my 5K monitor it’s smaller than the size of the lines forum reply box, the text is quite hard to read, probably the equivalent of 6 or 5pt…


Ok. That is too small. Haha.



:grinning:got (purchased)this one over the summer
it’s all over the upcoming k-blamo release

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Hey, thanks! I’ve been very happy with the response to SpecOps. My personal favorite plugin of ours is Sandman Pro. I’m a delay addict, so I wrote it to take care of everything that I wanted.

To add some recommendations:

  • Reaktor 6 (of course)
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb (+1 to all Valhalla recs. Best reverbs around no matter the price range.)
  • Everything Madrona (another big +1)
  • Sonic Charge Permut8. I love all of the alternate “firmwares” for it.
  • iZotope Trash 2. Kind of overwhelming, but very impressive. Delay, distortion, and dynamics.
  • u-he Zebra 2 and Bazille. Two of the better softsynths around.
  • Audio Damage Dubstation. Still has its own vibe that I love. Axon is also very cool I haven’t tried the new version yet.

When the plugin version of VCVRack is available, I will be so happy.


TAL-Sampler saved me from buying any number of ancient samplers. Good models of various aspects of classic samplers with the additional modulation, power, and effects chain you’d expect of a modern comprehensive plugin.

60 USD is a less than you’d pay for any one old sampler, and won’t require you to keep around ancient media or aging electronics. I saved about 1500 USD worth of ambition and have been more than happy with the decision. It’s a really good plugin.

The article that pointed me to this plugin as I was about to pull the trigger on a more-modern Emu: http://cdm.link/2015/11/tal-sampler-bit-crush-lil-kim/

tl;dr: Classic samplers offer a distinct sonic potential, and TAL-Sampler models them beautifully.


Just a heads up that Borderlands Granular is on sale for $3.99 until this evening to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. It’s the only reason I own an ipad, and would highly recommend any granular fans check it out. Deeply playable grain cloud automating live input preset saveable craziness.


Borderlands is great. One of the most intuitive UIs for granular sample playing out there.


psp springbox on sale here (even more than it says :slight_smile: )



I’ve been having a great time simplifying things and using just FabFilter plugins (Q,C,MB) and using them only when I really need to as minor fixes here and there. Definitely something to be said about taking the time to get things right on the way in, rather than recording something mediocre-sounding and trying to fix it with a ton of plugins.


I just read a grouper interview where she said something along those lines. I cant agree more. Getting the sound you want right on the way in :blush:


'every mix is a performance :slight_smile:


ah good tip i’ve been intending to grip a good spring plugin


feeling this strongly over the last year or so and fabfilter is great for this. clean and robust tools. i really like their saturated too.

i’ve never been one to pile on the plugins to create my material and as i’ve gotten more comfortable with eurorack i’m reaching for novel effects and processing tools less and less


Skipping over some favorites that got mentioned already:

Arturia Buchla Easel V – I don’t have a real one for comparison, but this sounds and behaves exactly like I’d expect one to. I don’t use it as much as Aalto, but patching it informed my “real” modular patches.

Plogue Chipsynth PortaFM – lovely, painstakingly recreated Yamaha OPLL. If I learned anything from modular, it’s that 2-op FM is better than 4-op or 6-op :grin:

Audio Damage Ratshack Reverb – I love its retro psychedelic twanginess. I like layering it with more realistic (heheh) reverb.

AudioThing Fog Convolver – the first IR reverb I’ve used that’s stable, has a decent GUI, doesn’t impose lots of latency and isn’t too expensive.

Toneboosters Barricade 4 and EQ 4 – my go-to master bus plugins that sometimes get thrown into group busses too.

U-He Presswerk – my “this needs a little more love during mastering” compressor.

Sonic Charge Echobode and Permut8 – for somewhat weird and really weird delays, respectively

Voxengo MSED – I’d kind of like something better, but this one is free and I use it all the time for mid/side processing with modular.

FM synthesis

I need to take some time to test TAL-Sampler. It wasn’t really on my radar until I learned that it supports microtuning with .TUN files (as do TAL-UNO-LX, TAL-Bassline-101, and TAL-Mod).

I’ve used Plogue Sforzando as a microtunable sampler, but it uses the less flexible .SCL format without .KBM keyboard mapping support and it only supports scales with 12 notes that repeat on the octave. I’m hoping that TAL-Sampler is more flexible.


I’m rather a fan of WIDI Audio to MIDI VST from Widisoft. (For some reason, the Mac VST and AU are separate purchases. And the AudioUnit, which I don’t believe comes in a AU MIDI FX version so must be routed through a MIDI port, costs twenty dollars more.)

With all its latency, I don’t use it real time. I’m not sure how accurate it is, either, but I kinda like the clumsy high-polyphony MIDI it spits out when you feed it dense audio. I’m not looking for verisimilitude anyway – next step is slicing and dicing, changing the scale, changing the timings… My main dislike is that its output has a fixed velocity.


I tried a demo of NI’s Trk-01 and ended up buying it within like 5 minutes.

The swing/groove engine and the options for custom scales and samples are ultimately what pushed me over the edge, but I really dig the parameter locking and just the speed with which you can whip up something original that sounds really good.

Also, big ups to Cuckoo scoring that NI gig!


just a heads up that borderlands granular is half off today for their birthday


For those of us working ITB this doesn’t necessarily mean that much. I don’t really “record”.

But I certainly am wary of both crap recording and glossy production of boring compositions.