Favorite plug ins, worth buying 🙂


i own lots of outboard filters (Ebb und Flut, Mutator, MAMx3, UREI little dipper, Orban 674A + 622B, MF101 etc) and the only filter plug I have used ITB that ‘feels’ ie sounds & behaves like analog is THE DROP by Cytomic
Highly reccomended!


I like everything I’ve gotten by Klevgrand. Gaffel is a go to, very precise EQ. Svep is a quirky chorus/tape emulation thing. Grand Finale is an absolutely great final step for mixing.

(and they have a CyberMonday sale today, 11/19/18)


So often with the Klevgrand stuff, I demo and like it, buy it… and then find it doesn’t fit when I try to use in practice. Just something about how I work, I guess.

The exceptions to that have been Brusfri (which I occasionally prefer over a noise gate) and DAW LP.


http://www.pspaudioware.net/NewYearPromo/ :slight_smile:
//springbox is ace
probably all good
my eyes are on avedis e27 eq…
I met avedis, he’s ace
got friends that swear by the hardware version, if avedis thinks a plug in can sound…


I grabbed springbox earlier this year and it’s been a delight. highly recommended


uhmmm, so…
the E27 is amazing!
and., this PSP EMT 2445 is simply incredible :slightly_smiling_face:
I never thought I’d be into an early digital reverb, and this one is incredible
I’ll try to put some samples up to the kaffeeklatsch thread