Favorite plug ins, worth buying

Where did you see the sale, if you don’t mind me asking? I see the bundle price, as well as the price for Choreographs (which doesn’t seem to indicate that it is a special intro price or sale of any kind).


The email they sent out about Choreographs said this was a 30% intro discount. I’m not sure if it says anything about it on the site though.

20 characters of I was wrong. The email shows that the full price will be higher, not the site.

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i’ve used this for years and years for really precise freq cuts/spectral shelves and it’s very very good.

whenever i mention a tool like this i have to pour one out for NI Spektral Delay


Thank you. Was there any indication in the e-mail regarding how long the intro price would last?

Nah. All it says is “CHOREOGRAPHS is available now with a limited time 30% discount.”

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Thank you (+20 characters)!

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Not sure if it already was mentioned:

Sound Particles offers interesting possibilities for sound design. i guess it is mainly aimed for media composers but can also give interesting results with musical material.

Havent tried it but every black friday i am thinking giving sonic lab plugins a shot.

Also I am intrigued to Divisimate and using it to build performance templates not for orchestra but for synth racks


For sound designers these are really interesting by Dillon Bastan

Bundle 1: $65 (usually $95, cost of all devices individually is $137)

7 devices: Rhythmorphic, Grain Forest, Mouth Play, Pathways, Ripple Filter, Iota, Samsara

Bundle 2: $35 (usually $55, cost of all devices individually is $73)

5 devices: Rhythmorphic, Grain Forest, Mouth Play, Pathways, Ripple Filter

Use code “yayblackfriday” until midnight PST Nov 26 to get the deals.


The release of Choreographs inspired me to get back into Landforms. I hadn’t played it for a while due to the cpu spikes. Going into the Kontakt settings and disabling access to multiple cores helped my performance in Ableton dramatically. Playing it with Grid all day, super fun.

I’m loving Choreographs but it’s very CPU hungry. Running up to 27% on running just one iteration of it on a track which means a lot of freezing and bouncing of tracks instead.
Still some truly amazing sounds and possibilities in there!

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Oof, 30% is what I consider “good” for Landforms. I remember when I first got it, i ended up just trying to embrace the endless cpu spike noise :rofl:

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The Slate+Ash stuff runs really well on Apple Silicon. I had problems with a 2017 era MBP and a 10-core 4.6 ghz i9. But the M1Pro runs it well. I think that Kontakt’s timestretching is the blame.

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Fwiw today I was running 10 instances of Choreographs (all init patches no presets) on an M1 Pro with 16 gb of ram. No hiccups. Don’t recall for sure but don’t think I went over 12 or 13%.

I’m running it on a 2019 iMac and it’s rather challenging. Then again less is more so it’ll encourage me to be even more minimal in composition :grinning:


Interesting! How are you using Grid with Choreographs?

I’m on a 2019 fully spec’d macbook pro and I can run several instances fine, apart from the fans going mad (which they’re always doing anyway – I should start incorporating that sound into my music).

One question: You can drop your own samples in, which is lovely, but is there a way to also map individual own sounds across keys on just one channel, like they’ve done with their drum samples? Would be amazing if so. Can’t find a manual – I suppose the ’Engine overview’ video is kind of a manual, but –

(Edit: someone associated with Slate + Ash used to be on here I think, as @veil_s but they seem to have taken their things and left. Maybe had better things to do – things with which we’re now making sounds)

I took the plunge and bought Choreographs, as well - very excited to use it. Another question for those here, in the absence of a manual - is it possible to send MIDI out of this and use it with hardware or other softsynths? The intro video shows it being used next to a modular system, as well as other hardware, but maybe this was just to show some of the things that were being sampled?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Yes, I second this question. Saw it asked on the S+A instagram as well, with no reply so far.

I’m 99% certain that you can’t send midi out of Choreographs. Perhaps if you’re a Kontakt wizard there’s something that could be done under the hood but not on the surface. There’s a video on the product page that walks through all of it’s functionality that’s quite helpful, I think it’s intended as a sort of video manual.