Favorite Slope/LFO and white noise modules

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to the modular world and have slowly been putting together my first system. Here’s my current setup:

I really love the Slope function on the 0-Coast and am looking for another module that can do a similar sort of modulation. Also, I’m most interested in creating ambient and soundscapey stuff, so I’m also looking for a good white noise source, as I think that sound can always be used in cool ways.

What are your favorite modules for these things?


Maths is always useful for envelopes and so much more. Many here use ssf quantum rainbow for noise source. Disting is worth a look for the sheer number of functions it can perform. It’ll be my next but one purchase. (Evaton clx the next purchase).


Ooo! MATHS. MATHS. MATHS. Two function envelope generators, plus and / or summing of the signals so you can create weird bumpy signals.

Although I’m considering moving to dual IFM Swoops, which have been described to me as “dark maths”. Which I find appealing.



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Sport Modulator! Check out James Cigler’s video for a brilliant rundown: https://youtu.be/oeuxMe_hpcM

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Almost forgot. Some good advice on this thread

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Not an envelope generator, but I’d recommend Batumi for interesting LFO modulations. If you pair that to some VCA it will be key in evolving your ambient stuff over time.

As other said before, I also recommend a Maths type module. Just be aware that it’s not the only module in its category (eg: Rampage from Befaco has some interesting features)

Grant Richter/Wiard’s Envelator module has some nice features. It’s available in Eurorack from Malekko:

I always enjoyed the Plan B Model 10 although it was a bit cantankerous at times and could blow diodes if you looked at it in the wrong way!

Then there’s also the Serge DUSG.

That IS a good thread! As always there are so many great options but the Quantum Rainbow 2 really seems great. Thanks for the help.

Has anyone used Pamela’s New Workout for LFO stuff? That module looks cool to me, and definitely one that could tell my o_C to do all sorts of crazy stuff.