Favorite [synthish, non-human] Voice?

The sound that initially got me hooked on Makenoise was the STO VCO -> LxD (or Optomix) struck by a trigger for that distinctive “Buchla Bongo” plonk sound. I built my system around that core VCO -> LPG sound. It will never get old for me.

What did it for you? What do you consider your go to voice?

does the mutable instruments elements count? if so that has my vote - it can just make so many sounds i never get tired of it

No wrong answers. I’m just interested in what sounds excite people creatively. :grin:

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A guitar and a volume pedal.

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ha, I thought this was about human voice.

yes, every rack should have lpg(s)! (ditch “never enough vcas”, this is no1 rule imo). I started with an optomix (as vca) and never regretted it.

the verbos harmonic oscillator is incredible, so is the verbos atc. I initially planned to use them together, but they both have/add so much color that using a clean vca (or none) after the HO and a grittier vco into the atc works best for me. both amazing voices.

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