Favourite stutter pedal

i just acquired two Ottobits for lots of processing but also processing the glitch in stereo.
one of the main things with the Ottobit for me is being able to slave it to MIDI clock.

but is really a sonically amazing sounding pedal!

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I’m kind of confused how audio passes through the ottobit, its a stereo device. if you passed a whole stereo signal through it and add the stutter effect - the whole stereo signal is still passed out of the unit but any added stutter is mono? is that correct?

Jumped onto this thread specifically to mention the Judder. Do they even make the wooden one, still? Aesthetics aren’t sounds, but I loved the wood etched model.

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Is there a way the thread could be more helpful in narrowing down what options better fit your needs? (e.g. If you want to say more about your use case + needs, I’m sure lots of us will be happy to try to help break down the pros/cons of the many different options!)


thats a more than generous post with your time, appreciated.

ill generally be using it as an hardware equivalent of beat-repeat (ableton) on an aux send/return and running my A4, XD, MD, Cycles through it (in a full out of box setup). So I won’t typically use it as a guitar player would, however my housemate plays the guitar and so its good to collaborate and have these options avail for those times too.

I don’t know if that helps as these types of post are really just helpful for me to have alternative options to weight up against and then I’m sure ill get a gut feeling on what ill go with…

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for beat repeating/skipping sort of effects I prefer to use pedals that offer selectable/switchable killdry options (otherwise the stuttering will be overlaid with the sustaining guitar tone).

Several of the above-mentioned pedals can do that, including one of the “grandaddies” (though hard to get)—the Hexe Revolver in its many iterations.


Would you consider Count to Five a stutter pedal? That’s my main one if so… the Tensor otherwise


Is the Hexe Revolver being made again? I remember having a tough time finding one a few years ago.

Now this looks amazing and just like something out of existenz… I hope it does not get buried :brain:

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AFAIK they’re available directly from Piotr, with a bit of a wait, but no money upfront. I got mine from him a few years ago (since sold) and it was a smooth process. When I inquired about the newest version with longer recording buffer time he got back to me promptly, but I decided not to order in the end (too many pedals!).

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I think it would almost be too pretty and make my other gear look less so!

If you’re primarily using this tabletop on a send, what about Korg Kaoss Pad? It’s old and not so sexy as the boutique pedals, but it brings fantastic playability to stutter style effects, and it’s stereo.

E.g.: https://youtu.be/QE64rvHNfAA

Another one that should be worth a look is Empress Zoia. AFAIK there are different stutter/granular patches for it. The internal modulation capabilities open the door to musical variation in stutter behavior that should run circles around dedicated stutter pedal used on their own. And if you get into making custom patches you might reach all the stutter heavens you dream of for all eternity…


This ancient secret weapon stays with me always. The grain FX make the device worth the cost of entry but it can produce many other excellent FX. The Dub Delay reigns supreme in my imagination.

The true ancient secret of the Kaoss Pad 3 is the mic input’s pre-amp which sounds incredible when overdriven.

Now I have divulged all my secrets.


For some reason I just don’t like the Kaoss pad, might be the look of it :slight_smile: The Zoia I thought about but I don’t want more menu diving in my OTB setup.

That said, I haven’t ruled out ever getting it as I can imagine its endless possibilities.

The Microcosm is another one that could be an option but I’ve yet to really see a video on its stutter stuff that convinces me.

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Microcosm seems like a fantastic option tbh. It seems to bring a ton of variation to the stutter theme. The demos seem to blunt the edge off the stutter with reverb, but you wouldn’t have to… :wink:

One thing that seems worth pointing out: online demos can be deceptive when it comes to comparing dedicated stutter devices with devices that do stutter along with a bunch of other things. If all the device does is stutter type behavior, that incentivizes people doing the demo to come up with compelling, creative uses of the stutter. If a device does a bunch of other things, the incentive to explore the hell out of stutter may not be there for whoever is doing the demo. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the dedicated device will work better for your use case.

I get what you mean with the Kaoss pad, it’s about as visually repulsive as music tech gets to me as well.


:rofl: I’m sure someone has managed to beautify it somewhere.

Yeah microcosm does seem an interesting one but just want to see it over different sounds alongside the guitar. I guess my concern is with it, that it also doesn’t look as easy to control perhaps as other pedals.

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that’s the drawback i ran into with the Ottobit.
you can set it’s system to have stereo IN and OUT for all of the other features like the amazing filtering and the bit crushing…but the glitch/stutter is mono.

i REALLY like the way it reacts and glitches the noiz but the most important thing for me is that it is syncable to MIDI clock!

as mentioned already…the KP3 is also a GREAT candidate!
you would need to be able to send a S&H LFO over CC to get a similar random glitch effect.

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This demo of Microcosm does lots of delicious stutter things with synths and drum machines too (incl. Digitakt, Moog Sirin, OP-1). https://youtu.be/9uPD9ev2QJQ

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Ok one more left field idea: Korg NTS-1 + sinevibes rerun algo (I’m sure there are other stutter like algos for it.) https://www.sinevibes.com/korgrerun/

MASF Possessed, or Raptio, CBA Mood, MWFX Judder, Drolo Stammen, Bananana Mandala, Hexe Revolver, Pladask Fabrikat, Montreal Assembly Count To Five…tons of options out there depending what your needs are.

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