Favourite stutter pedal

MASF Possessed, or Raptio, CBA Mood, MWFX Judder, Drolo Stammen, Bananana Mandala, Hexe Revolver, Pladask Fabrikat, Montreal Assembly Count To Five…tons of options out there depending what your needs are.

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because you mention that sometimes you jam with your guitarbuddy.
the stretchweaver has 2 inputs for different instruments that can effect each other in various ways.
the third mode does repeat/stutter.
it works like that: by playing louder you can make your buddys guitar stutter.
and when he plays his guitar loud enough he can make your setup stutter.
can be much fun.
the downside is this pedal is notoriously difficult to come by.
2:22. https://youtu.be/IaPx8rp8SIk


Nice interaction idea! Come to think of it, could Mood do something similar in Env mode? (With mood on a send, feed it some signal, ‘loop’ that in Env mode > cut the signal and send guitar to mood, set treshold so that guitar takes over the stutter as function of treshold?)


Not a pedal, but ableton’s Beat repeat is pretty great. Able to add variance to specific intervals for stutter. Able to add Chance as well to keep it feeling organic. Sold my infinite jets because ableton did the trick for me. Connecting it with a MIDI foot controller can control different functions.


yes, the env mode does that.
i just tried this again. and there is some bleed from the triggering signal when the pedal is set to full wet.
also there is degradtion of the sampled material because you at full sample rate you have only about 1 second recording time so you lower the sample to get more seconds. it sounds great though.
the mood excels as a texture maschine with many happy little accidents. to get a repeatable stutter effect at high fidelity take a look at the roland scooper/demora or the scatter section of a mc101.

ableton’s beat repeat is what Id love in an external pedal, I think the ottobit and pladask come closest to it from what I’ve seen but then you have other pedals which can do so much more… i guess maybe I’m looking at getting a couple now :grinning:

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FYI i’ve been in touch with the king of gear people and they have not stopped making pedals, just a COVID hiatus. Join the mailing list for future updates.

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Cooper Fx Outward V2 is really good for this type of thing. has built in lfos and timestretch. also an envelope threshold function that enables the chop/stutter once the threshold is reached. you can set a square wave lfo to trigger freeze on a granular patch. you can do buffer scrubbing similar to clouds. the whole thing is similar to clouds actually, but has its own internal lfos for modulating things like clock speed, grain size, pitch, position, freeze. has exp(cv) in & midi in as well for external modulation and/or preset switching and other cool things

(sponsored, but really good demo):


This is probably slightly off topic, but I didn’t find another thread to post this on to…

Does anyone remember what was that experimental pedal which was really great in making “liquidy” electric organic sounds… i believe it was a modded Boss pedal of some kind… and rare. Been thinking and googling without any results for the last hour or so…

You might be thinking of the modded nux time core which was done by Seppuku as “digital water” and also ADD pedals as the “data error”. I’ve tried both and I wasn’t super impressed, honestly. It’s just a circuit bend that introduces some pitch modulation into the delay line. Cool sounding but not really worth a wild price or a wild goose chase.


Yep, the Tensor is great. It is kind of like a Make Noise Echophone in pedal format. I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around how it actually works but the results are always very weird but very musical.

Also don’t overlook the Boss DD-500 for this kind of stuff. It is deeply programmable with many internal modulators and two parallel delay engines. Stuttery stuff is easy, you can find it used for a good price and it covers way more than just stutters if needed. You do have to program it though, there is no dedicated “stutter mode”.


Ah yes, it was Seppuku… thanks! And now I also remember why I stopped chasing one… the price and what it does don’t match up. But this ADD I hadn’t heard about, seems they are not that expensive.

I’m interested in how people are using Tensor, I have one and use it a lot but similarly don’t feel fully connected with it. If there was a way to control the decay of the overdub without using the app I think I’d like it a lot more. The random feature is quite mysterious kind of controllable

how are you getting the stutter kind of effect out of the DD-500.
i have one but did not know you could use it in that way.

I use it as an end of chain mangler. Here’s a video if you’re interested.


That’s brilliant. Very nice indeed

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Really appreciate the input and its given me some stuff to look at beyond my initial scope… Ezhi & Aka the blob is something ill keep my eyes peeled out for!

For the moment I’m going ottobit based on it looking a little easier to control compared to other options and will prob go for the microcosm when they are avail again.

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i just recommended the Outward in this thread but last night i was watching youtube videos and reading reddit threads that had me convinced that i want to trade my Outward for one. I like mine, but its hard to do anything musical with it with my synths/sampler, i find. might be my own problem but i’ve been searching for the best type of stutter/grain pedal for some time now and that one seems really great for making more musical loops that warp and sort of blend into the sequence, which is what i need. something a little less intrusive and more musical

“echophon” in pedal format also helps seal the deal. i should be more conscious of how those comparisons effect my buying decisions though. “paulstretch in a box”/“clouds in pedal form” is what sold me on the Outward. it’s a good pedal though, i swear

microcosm and mood look good too, as far as similar price range (in lieu of a fabrikat pedal or something like the nebulae) but the comparisons to mtl. assembly’s count to 5 really attracted me to this one

Just stopping by to say that the new(ish) alt firmware for the Count to 5 has a really lovely three head stutter mode.

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Not sure if it’s a favorite as I’ve not had that many but I recently bought the Meris Ottobit Jr and I’ve had tons of fun with it and the Polymoon on some piano and Model:Cycles FM sounds. The bit and SR reduction works wonders with already rich harmonic sounds. Wonderful ringing and harmonic distortion.