Fear in a Handful of Dust

so…if you REALLY want the graphics output of norns…you have to improvise…:stuck_out_tongue:

i split the feed from the camera into three different vid synths to generate all the visuals.
whole foundation for tonight’s session…all three norns running Fear in a Handful of Dust with a couple of other noiz weapons…

fracken amazing script again!
thank you @tyleretters & @license!!!

You’re welcome (I did the sound) :slight_smile:


woah @SPIKE this is awesome. i love how you’re always at the avant garde of new stuff. you just dive in right away.

yes, this was a 50/50 synesthesiatic collab with @license!! all :speaker: :ear: credit to him!


Playing Stardew Valley rn and this is the companion I did not ask for but certainly needed. Many thanks :pray:t2:


that’s so good on so many levels! happy MMXXI



Oh brilliant, that sounds perfect

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a collaboration!
i updated my original post!
such a cool script!!!


Wow! @tyleretters and @license this is gorgeous, it’s been running at 60bpm in the background for a couple hours and I have no intention of turning it off any time soon.

Edit, dropped my bpm to 20 after getting to spring 1995, turned the engine volume down, the reverb input up and extended the decay… now I’m up to 2006…


amazingggg post your high score lol. bonus points for low bpm.

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at first I thought this had something to do with the legendary NZ collective. excited to pass the time nonetheless.


ahh i haven’t heard of these folk

ha, I was born in Aug. 1974, I will have to load this tonight and see what my timeline looks like.


Hi guys, received my Norns shield yesterday so I’m new here; this script was one of my first unexpected fun finds. Forgive me if this question is a stupid one, but altering the tempo in FIAHOD seems to mess with the tempo in my saved Awake Psets… is this normal behaviour? Am I getting global tempos mixed up with Pset project tempos somewhere? :wink:

FIAHOD doesn’t use Psets for anything fancey but it does use the norns global clock. awake also uses the global clock: awake/awake.lua at master · tehn/awake · GitHub

what behavior are you seeing? if you change the internal tempo that will persist across scripts.

Thanks, that solves it; I must remember to make a tempo ref in my saved Pset names. :wink:

Really enjoying this…thanks again!

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November, 3771 and counting.

Awesome script, I used it last night as a sleep aid, I suffer from chronic insomnia, but this thing knocked me out cold, haha.


Just discovered this one today, awesome! Would love to have at least some control over the parameters, but it’s also great as it is :slight_smile:


What did you have in mind? :slight_smile:

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Some control over the tone would be nice, or maybe the speed and the scale of the keys, etc :slight_smile: Maybe the number of fruits/leaves on the trees correlates to number of notes


There’s already a parameter called something like “dust” if I remember right. It probably wouldn’t be a ton of code to map it to a control somehow.

I haven’t looked at that code in quite a while, but if someone were motivated to make that change, they could probably make a decent PR for it fairly quickly.