Feature request, kria: phase sync on time div changes

i love how flexible kria is with phasing, but sometimes when i’m syncing to loops or other sequencers i want more predictable control over when parameter time division changes happen. i know part of it is getting good at hitting the time division change at just the right moment, on the down beat, but this can be suuuuper challenging if you’re working with a very fast clock. it would be very helpful if kria waited to update a parameter’s time division until the next loop reset.

after that synced update, the parameter would carry on at the new time division (not resetting phase on the next loop) that way you can still build polyrhythmic variations within a track.

i think this concept would only work with a track in “loop sync” mode and could be enabled on the same config page.

does this make sense?

p.s. i am aware that switching between patterns resets phase, but i’m looking for a solution that won’t reset all my other channels and allows me to dynamically play parameter clock divisions within one pattern.


this makes sense.

have you tried using TT scripts to tight-sync kria? that was one of my main personal usecases.

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i have yet to activate the TT + kria magic, but i will explore! looking thru the ii commands i didn’t see anything pertaining to time divisions but i suppose KR.RES could be used to phase sync everything at regular intervals, hmm… man this is deeeep.

i’d be delighted to have this feature in kria standalone - i’m taking a small travel setup to play shows in europe in august and i don’t think TT will fit.

agreed. i’ll have to think about the finer details of the update timing, it may not be terribly difficult to implement. of course the UI is the weird part, because this might not always be the desired behavior.

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perhaps a toggle on the config screen?

totally second this! would make kria quite more usable for advanced xox-style sequencing <3

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follow up:
last night i built a verrrry basic teletype scene. metro clocking kria externally and with every 32nd step in the clock cycle it would reset all channels to their loop start point. the results were fantastic and very compatible with groove oriented compositions. i could jam around in kria and not worry too much about things going out of phase.

the ansible gate input 2 is a reset for kria, so for folks without teletype any simple clock divider would achieve the same results.

looking forward to exploring more in-depth teletype + meadowphysics integration! thanks @tehn :slight_smile:


That sounds like a fun script. I have not put the time into teletype studies like I should have by now so unfortunately I’m not very proficient yet in original script creation.:disappointed:

I have been running kria from the external clock off my mutable grids module. I’m thinking if I used a script like you have created and split the clock signal from grids into teletype and ansible/kria that could work well for some fun jamming.

Would you share that script with a teletype ignoramus?

ya no prob.
i don’t have TT in front of me so flying blind:

X WRAP ADD 1 X 0 31

KR.RES 0 0

this assumes i’m using M as my main clock. if you’re using an external clock put that script in the appropriate input page.

this gives me kria resets every 32 steps in the clock. change that number to set different reset intervals. don’t forget to subtract 1 as 0 is the first number in the wrap. don’t ask me how long i was scratching my head wondering why everything was out of sync.

script 1 is reseting all channels and all params of kria. script 1 could also just be a simple TR.PULSE if you want to hard patch to the ansible/kria reset on input 2. i chose to use i2c so i can play around with all the kria commands.

edited to reflect @tehn’s optimization

there’s a optimization to be done

instead of the loop, just use

KR.RES 0 0

the first number 0 means “all tracks” so it’s the same as looping 1-4

basically all ansible ii params work this way, where 0 means all

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oh rad - i must have missed that.


Yes with the external clock it would be much more simple to do the hard patch reset into input 2 with a tr.pulse. I will try the script out using M as clock though.

I should know this, but can teletype’s clock be synced to an external clock thru the ‘in’ jack?

if you want to use the external clock from grids just patch that into a script input and put the script in there instead of M.