Fedora - Serialosc and Grid

Really sad that my first thread is about some troubleshooting but it is how it is.

So I changed from macOS to Fedora36 after getting a Framework laptop and I’m slowly getting everything up and running and now I’m trying to get my Grid to work with my laptop, which requires SerialOsc and ect.

But all of the info I find is always surrounding either Ubuntu or Arch. I’ve tried everything in the install instructions, but replaced keywords so that it fits for the Fedora package manager and it hasn’t worked at all. Linux setup | monome/docs

So I decided to try and compile from source but it isn’t working either. I can’t find liblo-dev when I’m trying to install it.

Could anyone give me tips?

if fedora doesn’t have a liblo-dev package, you can also manually compile liblo from source

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I’ll try that, thanks :smiley: