Feedback Request - New Synthesis Audio Series

Hi lovely people of lines

I wanted to please request your feedback, as I’ve been working on something this morning that I’ve been thinking about for a while & I’m now at a point where I have something tangible to offer out to the community for some feedback.

The idea that I have is for an audio series entitled “Inside The Patch”, where I talk through a new technique as I explore it for the first time. I’m in quite an exploratory mode with synthesis at the moment & I really want to be able to give something back to the electronic music community with the limited time that I have.

Without the skills & equipment to easily make video content, I have decided to make this an audio-only thing. I want to make short episodes (probably about 10 mins or so each), where I briefly talk through what I’m exploring, what I’m using in a patch & then the various elements, giving over the last small section to playing the patch itself.

As well as an open invitation for any feedback, I’d love to get some opinion on the best format for these (I am considering whether collating them on a blog or uploading them as short podcasts is the best way forward).

The example here is one I’ve put together this morning exploring the Staircase Sequences function of @Galapagoose wonderful Just Friends module.

I really value everyone’s thoughts, as lines is basically the only corner of the internet relating to music production and process that I frequent.

Thanks so much for listening for anyone who can spare the time :slight_smile:


Sounds cool!

Both blog and podcast are nice formats, but as far as I am aware, only podcast allows for ingestion into the Podcast app on my iPhone, so that would get my vote…

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There was another podcast (Pod Mod) that did audio module demos and it was horrible IMHO. I find “patch exploration” vids to be as exciting as watching someone wash dishes. Probably just me though and I’m sure there are people interested in this so you should do your idea and see what happens!


That’s my least favorite part of the pod modcast. I generally prefer the interviews.

It would be more interesting to hear a lot more reasoning behind choices made when patching.


Thanks @eblomquist, @Gahlord & @corpusjonsey - this is all really useful. It’s given me plenty to think on (especially around what I want to both achieve and avoid here).

There’s a large part of me that feels like a proportion of the demo culture that exists out there can feel like a sales pitch for a particular new, shiny module which is exactly what I’m not advocating. This is about me exploring the wormhole of what can be achieved without buying any new gear. Thinking on this, I may do some sort of “depth year” pledge/post at the beginning of this venture, where I undertake a gear inventory & in year 1 of this I can’t buy anything unless it’s to replace something that breaks.

In terms of stuff that I do find inspirational, I’d cite Jamie Lidell’s “nitty” feature on Hanging Out With Audiophiles as a lovely example of someone who I find compelling to listen to exploring an idea (although I have a long way to go before I reach that quality level!).

Really appreciate everyone’s feedback, so thanks again :blush:


Nice first effort! If you’re still looking for input, my personal preference would be to tune in on the normal podcast streaming services. Showing on video is probably easier than telling but I think there is a niche there to fill.

Yes, IMO an exploration of various patching techniques would be great, I think, and much more interesting than “here’s what New Oscillator X through New Filter Y with fm coming from New Modulation Source Z sounds like”

Small technical note: balancing the volume levels of the patch and your voice is so important and I think you did a nice job there.


Thanks for your thoughts. As a quick update for anyone who has taken an interest, I’m going for the podcast supplemented with a WordPress blog approach.

This way, I can really dig in & give additional context / reading material for anyone who is interested in a particular technique (& importantly, give the requisite props to whoever has sent me down the path I explore in any given episode).

I’ve secured a domain & am now assembling the first few episodes and a taking care of a few general bits of housekeeping prior to letting this thing exist out in the world.


Yeah, the nitty part of Jamie’s podcast is so much fun. I think you did a great job in all terms! I’m expecting the new episode