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Hi guys! Long-time reader and first-time poster. I’m extremely proud to announce LEKKO - an intimate upright piano sample library for Native Instruments’ Kontakt, recorded imperfectly through vintage analogue kit for maximum character and a collection of beautiful, textural sound design patches, exploring the world of tape and modular effects. I’ve applied a lot of what I learned here to the sound design part of the library. Also, some of the playing techniques were inspired by @n-So - his amazing album ‘A Stroke Of Blue’ was a major influence for me. If you haven’t heard it yet, please, check it out, it’s really beautiful!

Anyway, I felt like you might enjoy this little library. If you’d like to learn more about how I made some of these sounds or anything else - I’m here for you! :slight_smile:

EDIT: All initial download / installation problems are solved now. Files are distributed via the Pulse app which makes the process automatic and super-fast.


Listening to the video demo I instantly thought of the Vermona EQ. Then I saw it on the site’s photographs! Super nice!

Yeah, it’s been used on some of these patches :slight_smile: Lovely unit. You’ve got a great ear!

This sounds and looks lovely :+1:

I really like the design aesthetic on your site.

Not bought a sample library for a long time but I’m really tempted by this one

Not really. It just that your sound design felt so warm and cozy, that I instantly remembered how I’d turn to the Vermona for similar hues. It brought a smile on my face that you’ve used it.

Great work by the way. I’m not a Kontakt user, but if I was I’d be very inclined to get this.

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Thanks! A crazy amount of tubes and transformers in the signal path doesn’t hurt either :wink:


Thank you! It’s really a private library, made for my own use and following my aesthetic. I’ve developed it for myself but then thought ‘why not share it with others?’. Actually, I even tune this piano myself, so it’s all very DIY.

By the way - it’s at 25% off till September 12th. And there’s a free companion library called Wolno that’s basically the half-speed tape piano patch of Lekko.


Love this too, though not a Kontakt user either. Great work.

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I love this and I have Kontakt!!!

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this!


Kontakt is extremely cool, it actually enables me to play the instruments I couldn’t play normally (which is pretty much everything that’s not sequenced)

Great first post!!! Looking forward to seeing more!

This looks great! Is Kontakt full required, or will it work in the free player?

EDIT: Full player required, as is noted on your site.


Yup, exactly, the full version is required.

Sounds great from the video and I bought it - but unfortunately the download does not seem to work. It started with 1 hour for each of the eight 1GB packages and is now at 10 hours each. Otherwise internets work fine here.


Sounds like an issue with Gumroad server. Maybe try to download the archives one-by-one?

Hm, so Gumroad stands for the road getting longer the more are travelling on it? :smile:

Anyway, after two hours I had downloaded everything. Here are some thought after playing a bit with it:

  • On the sustains letting the pedal go is very loud and does not seem to fit in very good for my ears. Is there a way to adjust this?

  • The gain of individual keys and the panning panning of whole sounds seem a bit odd to me here and there which makes it a bit unpredictable if one wants to prevent distortion.

  • The delay is not syncable to the DAW, is it?

  • When changing chords on the pad sounds (as they come with the presets) I get a lot of nasty clicks. Even sequencing the shorts does not work smoothly and without clicks. I checked my other libraries (Soniccouture, NI and Spitfire) and they work without any issues. I have no insight in Kontakt so I have no idea how this could possibly be solved but it makes most of the library unusable for me.

I am working in Logic with Kontakt 5.8.1 as requested.

Sorry to hear about the issues!

  • The pedal noise volume will be controllable with the 1.1 update, coming soon. It will include a second page on the interface that would give you more control. In the meantime, could you please get in touch at hello@feltinstruments.com? I can create a custom set of acoustic patches for you with the pedal noise lowered to use in the meanwhile.

  • Any patches in particular that you feel have this panning behaviour?

  • No, the delay is unsynced - it’s captured from a vintage tube-based tape delay at my studio and these units had no way of syncing to anything.

  • As for the clicks - could you please tell me which patch behaves like this? I’ve tested the library on two computers, none of these was what I would describe as high-end (it actually works on an i5 Surface Pro 3 from 2014). On the other hand, there’s some random modulation happening behind the scenes that can be quite taxing on the CPU. If possible, please let me know your computer specs and latency settings via email. I’m sure we can work it out :slight_smile:

I am unable to unzip the files. My Mac did not know what to do with “Lekko.zip.001”

So I tried renaming to make the “.zip” the suffix, but it doesn’t work.

I get the message “Unable to expand “Lekko.zip.001” into “Downloads”. (Error 2 - No such file or directory.)”

Any ideas?


I don’t think it is necessary to invest in putting together a custom set of patches. I am looking forward to the 1.1 update then. I also understand that the fixed delay time is intended

The clicks occur with the raindrop patch and Yellow Dreams when playing chords and when sequencing shorts. Fade in and Yellow Dreams have a lot of clicking when played but I don’t know if it’s intended - hoping it is not though. Fading in feels a bit left weighted.

I am on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15", Ende 2013), 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 with El Capitan and Logic Pro X. I tried a few buffer settings between 128 and 512 with no effect.

I just checked the extraction process on a Mac and it seems like a free app called Keka works just fine. After installing, please, select all of the downloaded archives, right click them and open them in Keka. Hope this helps!