Felt Instruments

I just bought it from the app store, and it’s failing to extract the files… Any ideas?


Give The Unarchiver a try. Worked perfectly for me just now!

So, do I need to have all of the files downloaded before I can unarchive them?

Maybe the problem was that I have been trying to unarchive only the first one by itself. I am now downloading the rest of them.

I’ll try again as soon as I can…

Does it work with Kontakt 5.8.1 or do I need to upgrade to 6?

Yes, you need to download all of them and the start unpacking the first. They should all be in the same folder. It should work with 5.8.1 per the preferences. In my case it does not work very well though. I could not try 6.

I got it to unpack once they were all in the same folder, although it gave me an error message at first.

I used Unarchiver

Kontakt an see the instruments but it says my version is too old to open them…

I’m on 5.8.1 so I have no idea why it’s giving that message!

ok, this is getting weird… I can open Lekko in Kontakt 5.8.1 in stand-alone mode, but when I try to open it in Ableton, I get the “your version is too old to open” message… What the heck?


OK, it’s getting even weirder… It opens using Kontakt 5.8.1 as a VST in Ableton, but trying to open Kontakt 5.8.1 as an Audio Unit causes the error message.

Anyone seen this before?


Well, thanks for your patience but I’d really love to make Lekko work smoothly for you. Please, shoot me an email at hello@feltinstruments.com and I will send you a custom version of the .nki files (fast to download!) with the pedal volume lowered. The pops and clicks seem like a CPU issue with the randomisation. I’ll set you up with some less CPU-intensive versions of these patches as well :slight_smile:

I sent you an email - would be great if we can get it working.

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Could you please click on the Kontakt logo to make sure that the AU version is updated to 5.8.1 as well?

Just a quick update - all downloads of Lekko and Wolno go through the Pulse app now. This basically means very fast downloads and hassle-free installation process. I’ve just finished sending the download codes to everyone who purchased Lekko. If you didn’t get the email, please, check your spam folder and if it’s not there, just get in touch at hello@feltinstruments.com

The e-mail also includes a link to patches with the pedal noise lowered. These come as default now with every copy of Lekko downloaded via Pulse.

Pulse links for Wolno will be out today as well.

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A second page of the UI is coming.
All downloading / installation problems are solved by now! :slight_smile:


This is looking great! Can’t wait for the update :raised_hands:.

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Thanks! I hope to have it ready at the beginning of the next week :slight_smile:

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Just a friendly reminder that the intro price ends tomorrow at midnight (CET)!

Lekko 1.1 is coming later this week.


I tried using the Pulse installer and it fails every time, claiming Pulse doesn’t support .rar extensions. When I self-extract the files from the location Pulse placed them I can get Lekko up and running just fine. However, Pulse doesn’t “see” this and continues to think I do not have Lekko installed.

[EDIT] Third time is a charm I guess. I deleted and tried again, then deleted and tried again and then it finally installed w/o errors. Carry on!

Glad it worked! Could you please e-mail me anyway in a spare time so I can let the Pulse team know about the problem? My email is hello@feltinstruments com Thanks and enjoy the library!

After quite some time of intensive work, I’m excited to let you know that Lekko and Wolno were just updated to version 1.1. Here’s a quick overview of what’s changed:

  • There’s now a second page on the interfac e that allows you to tweak the sound further (yes, including the much-requested sustain pedal volume!);

  • Another popular request was to introduce less CPU-heavy versions of the Afterglow patche s . Well, here they are!;

  • It’s possible now to select one of three echo types and three vintage reverb types . They were always included in the library but they were hidden behind the scenes and assigned on a per-patch basis during the sound design phase. Now you can make the choice yourself;

  • I’ve also captured one more vintage delay setting - sampled from a super-rare German BBD echo;

  • I’ve recorded some subtle performance noise s for the library. There’s a slider that allows you to dial them in - if you so desire;

  • The interface is more responsive and the knobs are smoother;

  • The folder structure is more tidy , making file navigation easier;

  • Some minor tweaks here and there;

The update is free so there’s really nothing not to like about it :wink: All you need to do is to open the Pulse app, re-download the library and enjoy.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Would there be anyway to make a Kontakt-free version, e.g., a VST or something, or is Kontakt integral to the design of lekko?

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Well, sound-wise it’s not integral in any way, but the whole interface is running on Kontakt. I’m not really a programmer but will investigate that, thanks for a suggestion!