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Attempting to upgrade here. I have opened the Pulse app but do not see an option to re-download the library.

Just right click on the cover image in Pulse, select “Delete” and download again :slight_smile:

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Hey, frankchannel, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me an inspiration for the VST version. I’m currently researching the topic and it seems VERY likely that both Lekko, Wolno and the upcoming library may end up being available this way!


Wow, this is beautiful inspiring stuff man! Downloaded Wolno, but after messing with it for a couple days I’m pretty sure I need to purchase LEKKO. I recorded some piano loops into Morphagene, and it’s just heavenly.

Cool, thanks! I have a Morphagene on order, too, hopefully it will arrive next week!

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I haven’t piped in here or on the Reason forum, but I just wanted to say that I’d buy this plug-in in a heartbeat if it were a VST. Absolutely beautiful sounds and I love the UI. Thank you for at least considering a VST version!

Is Wolno actually called Lekko Half Speed?

Edit, add: I ask because that is what the download file is called. There is nothing I see actually named Wolno.

Just want to be sure I’m not insane…


Hello! I am having some problems getting this installed correctly. I am using the full version of Kontakt, and I purchased the Lekko library. After installing via Pulse, and opening in Kontakt, Lekko opens as a demo and stops functioning after 15 minutes…

I’m not super experienced with Kontakt, so maybe I am missing something?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Well, the first version was indeed called that, but after the update it should say Wolno :slight_smile: Anyway - it’s the same patch as the Lekko Half-Speed one.

Ok, let’s try this:

  1. Open Native Access and log in with your Native Instruments email and password.
  2. Click on Add a serial in the upper left corner of Native Access.
  4. Confirm your serial number by clicking the blue ADD SERIAL button in the lower right

Please, let me know if it works! And if it doesn’t, just write me at hello@feltinstruments.com and we’ll try to get it to work!

Tomek | Felt Instruments


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Got it figured out! I knew it would be something obvious I was missing. Thanks for the help!

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Hey guys! The VST / AU version is now coded and ready to go, I just need to do some work around the release, like update the manual and the website and such. So, the long story short - there will be no need for Kontakt or any other player software. The new version will be out next week and will be free for everyone who got Lekko. Thanks again for suggesting it!

Oh, and by the way - it will support…


Howdy! I don’t have Kontakt yet (am waiting until black friday or some other consume-a-palooza related sale). In the meantime, assuming that wav files are provided, can anyone think of a reason I couldn’t map the samples to an EXS instrument in Logic? Or, for that matter, load the folder into Timbre Keys? I know I’ll miss out on some of the effects, but am also assuming that the samples themselves have some mojo…thoughts?

Edit- totally missed the mention of the AU version which will work with Logic. My eyes are clear, my heart is glad, my wallet is open.

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Will the plugin support mapping things like the m4l lfo to various parameters?

I honestly find Kontakt to add a layer of fiddling that I would prefer to avoid if possible…


Can’t wait for a VST version! I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

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Haha, yes, there will be an AU version so no need for hacking!

Yeah, I’m testing it in Live on my main machine and all parameters are available to use without any configuration. So even without midi mapping (which was and will be still available!), you can control all the parameters.


Just so I’m clear- is the VST/AU version ready at this point in time?

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This looks and sounds beautiful.

A big undertaking I’d imagine, but this would be so damn good to have on an iPad with AUv3 support. Would an instrument built for Kontakt with multiple samples be possible in that format?

Not yet, but I’m getting close! Hope to release it next week. I’ll let you guys know for sure :slight_smile: