Field recording



I am happy now that I got on the waiting list for the september production of USI’s- so I will be asking you what you have learned.


I have just seen this:

have only skimmed it but pleased to see he has mentioned Lom and the elektrosluch in there. looks interesting.


I was reading that last night and it led me down a rabbit warren of diy SASS mics. Looks like you can get really good results with a bit of ingenuity.


Testing out the Mixpre 6 with Usi Pro omnis.
This makes for a very nice portable stereo rig in tandem with remote camera. I recently recorded a classical concert on a similar rig but with a DPA 4060 pair and the results were extraordinarily good.


… and the helmet?


ha, I was recording Roman Gladiators but that’s a whole other story!


I’m really happy with the Mix-Pre 6 as well. That Rode stereo bar looks very cool


Do you use a USB power bank with it? any recommendations? I find that good rechargable AA’s are fine for an hour or so… what is the one you have there RVX?


hey Zedkah I do. I got an Urbo powerbank, I don’t have much experience and others have recommended RavPower banks but this had native USB C output and is 20800 mAh. In practice and recording with 2x 48v phantom it can record for days. serious.


Any chance you could break down a manifest of the various elements of equipment in that photo for a beginner like me? For example, I can’t figure out what that is above the Mixpre, and I’m also curious what cans you’re using. Thanks for sharing and for your time.


Happily bobbcorr.
It’s a K&M desktop mic stand - I use this for low profile recording from the front of stage but also it’s great to have in the kit for room recordings, handheld or the field where height perspective isn’t so important.
Rode stereo bar - it’s a bit fiddly but is good for alternative arrays when necessary.
Rycote recorder suspension mount - important if you’re walking about
3x camera clamps (two as mic clips and one holding the recorder to the stand)
F&V articulating arm - holds the mixpre but handy for whatever.
That’s the battery above the mixpre and is simply taped to the stand!
Mics are Lom Uśi Pro pair.
Cans are old aiaiai TMA ones. I like them as they’re modular and tough (i’ve stuffed them in all sorts of bags and toured with them and never broken) - you can swap out cables and ear pads for different things. I don’t know about the newer ones though.
I think it’s been mentioned elsewhere but I really recommend the Manfrotto Nano stand, it’s great.


Thank you so much! Looks like I need to get on the list for some USIs…


is this the one?


Just got a pair of Usis (not the pro ones though). Pretty impressed by the sound quality and sentivity. But I need to find time to do some proper recordings with them yet.

@rvx: glad bobbcorr asked. Some very useful info in your break down. One day I’ll need to get something like the Rode stereo bar (or is there something less fiddly? and why do you find it fiddly?) and a proper suspension, possibly one I can use with different mics, maybe even with the Zoom H5 itself.


yes that’s the one. It’s pretty speedy charging iPhones too… and best of all pretty cheap comparatively.


the Rode stereo bar is more useful with directional condensers to be honest. There are some very cheap stereo bars out there.
Below is an example of the Manfrotto Nano stand with a flexi lighting arm that Colin Hunter talks about here:

it really is great.


that’s a great tip! Thanks a lot!


Regarding mic’s a few months ago I also purchased a pair of Uši Pro. They made using my Zoom H4N, whose built-in mics are total garbage a joy to use again. They are cheap and highly desirable so can be hard to get a hold of but it’s worth the effort.

Here’s an ongoing collection of field recordings I uploaded to Radio Aporee

For some inspiration check out NFSA’s “Lateral Listening” series. Sorry, I can’t find an easy way to share all there shows so just do a google search. Features artists such as Robert Curgenven and Lawrence English.


Nice setup :slight_smile: I also have Usi Pros, what are the mic clips you are using? Thanks.


Has anyone compared the Usi Pro to the Naiant x-r or x-x?

I want a pit of small omnis for field use, these look similar and the Naiants are readily available.