Field recording



A couple of days ago, I discovered the work of “radical sound” artist Dave Phillips. He has been active for a long time, so I’m sure he is known already to folks here.

Drawn as I am to pretty much anything involving arthropods, I clicked on it for the artwork. But this release really exceeded my expectations: it’s simply a mix of untreated field recordings, by the sound of it not only featuring insects but many other tropical Thailand fauna sounding the rainforest.

But there’s something extremely intense about this audio. The insects rack up quite a cacophany at times, but it also seems to have been produced as if it were a noise album. Exciting stuff.


Thanks a lot for sharing I didn’t know him yet. Excellent work.


Another album that comes to mind.



Bought this yesterday, love it!


Worried my Luhds have been lost in the mail. It’s been almost a month since they shipped. I really had hoped to have them for recording some walks on my holiday break. Hope for that is fading. BUT…

Slovakia wins this round!


btw. does anybody know some good clips for the USIs? I’m trying to put together some makeshift stereo bar.


I used a trouser hanger that had two bulldogtype clips at each end of a metal hanger, I think it was my partners so probably for hanging skirts or something. The nice thing was to hook could be hung from a branch, but it was definitely a interim solution.


I’m thiking about buying a stereo bar like this:

which is cheap and should do the job, but I can’t find any mic holders to put on it for the USIs. Ideally I guess I’d need some clip holders, but there does not seem to be any with a 3/8” threading.
Though I guess I can get some adapters


@papernoise I was using this two years ago with DIY’ed mics, it works perfectly with adaptaters.
Add a grip if you want to hold it or a small flexible tripod to put it anywhere, and you have a really lightweight mounting setup for next to nothing.


Thanks a lot! Yes, I did find some cheap adapter for the threadings as well, will add some bubblebee windshields and off we go!


Care to share a link to where you’re finding clips that fit the little guys? That’s the next puzzle, but yeah, figured I’d get a little stereo bar like you posted, but not about mic clips.


I am planning to get two of these:

I actually should have one of these here to see if they are tight enough to hold the USIs… but can’t find it right now.


Just started reading this book and wow is it inspiring! It’s already producing so many questions and ideas.

Does anyone know of a tool to associate GPS/location data with assets? I’m thinking of a simple ledger that I can use to track location(s) and sound. With the new AMBEO headset storing GPS when you record sound seems like a streamlined direction that would be fun to experiment with as well.


Not an easy book to find. Just ordered a copy from the U.K. to be shipped to me in Arizona.


I’m pleased so many people are enjoying it as much as me. Good also to support small publishers like this.

Also just saw this along the same lines:

Most interesting about the AMBEO headset, I’d not seen that. I’m not an iOS user - so no use to me however. I think they’ve made a massive mistake having it terminate only as an Apple connector though - surely thousands of these will be going in the bin in a few years when Apple change connectors. Probably the only thing you can be sure of with Apple…

Not sure about GPs tagging. I guess your phone is the obvious, perhaps just with Google Maps? Maybe there’s some way of making a custom map and dropping pins that correspond to recorder takes? Or I believe there are compact cameras that also tag images, so you could take a photo with each recording.


For awhile on my trip out west I would drop a little pin on Google Maps, but it just started to feel sort of silly and overly detailed for no real purpose. But it worked just fine…

As for the iPhone connector, blargh. I finally got my Luhds which I’m excited to put to use :slight_smile:


The connectors are out of control. :exploding_head:

I wasn’t aware the Luhds until reading this post and they look fantastic! I don’t own any binaural microphones (yet!). I’m doing most of my recordings with an nt4 and the built in zoom mic.

Would anyone be interested in a barebones iOS app that can record from the microphone and start recording location data? Associating the two as a way to give context of where a recording happened, and potentially, over what route. Might be a fun open source project.

If anyone is interested in working on this together pm me!


I’m using a smart watch to track my gps data (as a kind of art experiment, I’m planning to make a massive map with lines of movement from all the data I collect over time). Really detailed and simple.


Does anyone know of works that combine fieldrecordings, storytelling, soundart, poetry?
As i was listening to an audiobook i thought: how great would it be if this was accompanied with fieldrecording/ sounddesign. Especially books about sound itself would be great in audiobook form with added musical examples imo.