Field recording



My mother in law sewed one for me using some fake fur and it works great. Make allowances for seams when cutting, mine ended up a very snug fit. I think a bit larger with an elastic bottom or draw string would be better.


Do you hear significant losses in high frequencies? The materials people use seem pretty thick and they don’t say anything about frequency response.


Not that I noticed. The fur was from the collar of an old jacket and didn’t have a thick backing. I was just happy I didn’t get the boomy wind sounds ruining outdoor recordings.


I use a Rode dead kitten on my Sony M10. Before that, I used a cheaper alternative. The Rode is much better. The fur has very long strands which seem to stop all wind from hitting the mic. Consequently you can set the recording level much higher.

There is a loss of higher freqencies but it’s a trade-off. You would probably need a much more expensive mic to avoid that, I would imagine.


I would think that a high-end DPA mic with a top quality dead cat/kitten would result in more high-frequencies being recorded than a budget mic and cover. Obviously some top end will be lost.


Yeah totally, we are arguing the same point. My Rode windshield has a better quality and longer strands of fluff than the Chinese copy or the Sony windshield bundled with the recorder. It definitely makes a difference in the recording.

So the best approach is to go for the best mic you can afford but don’t scrimp on the kitten!


I use dpa mics with windbubbles and get very good results. The bubble feel expensive for what they are initially but well worth it in my opinion


Curious, does anyone here do field recording for a living? (Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this; so many comments!) If yeah, let’s hear how you got into the profession! Maybe share some examples of your professional projects too?


I enjoy checking this thread - seems like there is an uptick in internet interest in all things field recording these days. emphasized text

Looking forward to checking out the new Kate Carr:


That’s awesome!! What kind of radio shows/programming do you produce? Do you work for a local radio station, or do freelance? I’ve dabbled in podcast production, and at one point was going to help produce a podcast for a soap recipe YouTuber. Unfortunately the project went up in suds…


Ah! Just found your post! Giving it a listen now.

EDIT: This sound design is great, @sixnon! The layers of sound, voices, and narration are wonderful. Did you compose the music too? It was cool to get such an intimate glimpse of aboriginal Australia.


Wow very interesting! I studied anthropology and read a bit about this subject.


i think it’s a good place to share this.
field rec. and sine waves. edit : i like it very much.


how are you doing with your listening practice and your field recordings ?


Mangled field recordings make up the bodies of most of these compositions.
Zoom H5
Various piezo pickups
Spiderweb coil
Koma Field Kit
Pittsburgh Modular sv-1
Mangled on an iPad, mostly with ApeSoft software


Okay guys, what do you think about field recordings of field recordings?

I can’t tell if this is the best idea I’ve ever had or the worst.


Nice recording! Whats your process?

When you say “field recordings of field recordings” it reminds me a bit of Jacob Kirkegaards’s take of Alvin Luciers “I’m sitting in a room” in which he records playing back a field recording of a room, in the same room.


Yeah, both of those guys were big inspirations for the idea. I’m also trying to find a middle ground between what I feel are the 2 most common approaches to working with field recordings - “pure” raw phonography and edited/processed beyond recognition.

I’ve been making recordings with a zoom h1n before waiting for the soundscape to change and playing the recording back out into that same space from the h1n’s crappy built in speaker, and then recording that with rode nt4 (x/y).

My plan is to record an album of this kind of work over in Plymouth, where the bay is known as “the Sound”, so that the end result will be recordings of recordings of the sounds of the sound because I’m a huge dork.


In the northeast we had a blizzard and I thought what a great opportunity to do a recording. Used a PCM-D50


Wow, add some distortion and you’ve got a harsh noise wall track right there!