Field recording



Ah! Just found your post! Giving it a listen now.

EDIT: This sound design is great, @sixnon! The layers of sound, voices, and narration are wonderful. Did you compose the music too? It was cool to get such an intimate glimpse of aboriginal Australia.


Wow very interesting! I studied anthropology and read a bit about this subject.


Thank you @tennyson. Yes composition mine. The material recorded with my coproducer in the course of that journey and then we worked with an engineer in the studio constructing it, but with very few exceptions the sound/composition made from those recordings.


i think it’s a good place to share this.
field rec. and sine waves. edit : i like it very much.


20 characters of very nice


how are you doing with your listening practice and your field recordings ?


Mangled field recordings make up the bodies of most of these compositions.
Zoom H5
Various piezo pickups
Spiderweb coil
Koma Field Kit
Pittsburgh Modular sv-1
Mangled on an iPad, mostly with ApeSoft software


Okay guys, what do you think about field recordings of field recordings?

I can’t tell if this is the best idea I’ve ever had or the worst.


Nice recording! Whats your process?

When you say “field recordings of field recordings” it reminds me a bit of Jacob Kirkegaards’s take of Alvin Luciers “I’m sitting in a room” in which he records playing back a field recording of a room, in the same room.


Yeah, both of those guys were big inspirations for the idea. I’m also trying to find a middle ground between what I feel are the 2 most common approaches to working with field recordings - “pure” raw phonography and edited/processed beyond recognition.

I’ve been making recordings with a zoom h1n before waiting for the soundscape to change and playing the recording back out into that same space from the h1n’s crappy built in speaker, and then recording that with rode nt4 (x/y).

My plan is to record an album of this kind of work over in Plymouth, where the bay is known as “the Sound”, so that the end result will be recordings of recordings of the sounds of the sound because I’m a huge dork.


In the northeast we had a blizzard and I thought what a great opportunity to do a recording. Used a PCM-D50


Wow, add some distortion and you’ve got a harsh noise wall track right there!


Another recording from me, a bit more straightforward this time.


I missed out taking some recordings of all the snow recently… wanted to grab some nice crunch crunch sounds.


I am looking for reviews of the Nagra Mezzo, any field reports? I will be using it to record nature, found objects for the sampler, the occasional voice or instrument.


Never used that particular recorder, but I imagine it’s not too different to other handy recorders. Are you new to field recording? If so what you need to consider is that there will likely be significant self-noise with a small device like that, and there are no xlr inputs so you’re limited to using less powerful external microphones. That said, these handy recorders are good to play around with as a newbie before choosing to invest in higher end equipment.

If you go ahead with it, I would definitely recommend you buy a furry windscreen for it - foam ones won’t do the trick - as well as some sort of grip/tripod even if you intend on holding it. Tiny muscle twitches are enough to be picked up by the microphones if you hold it in your hand.

Hope this helped, didn’t mean to condescend if you aren’t new to field recording after all.


it’s all legit…no need to wonder:)


Could anyone recommend a good furry windscreen for a portable recorder? (I’ve got ze’ ol’ H4N Pro.) Been meaning to grab one for a while, but it seems like such a crapshoot online. Even after reading that one massive review online of various screens (e.g. DeadCat, Rycote, Redhead), I’m still undecided.

EDIT: @LSA already mentioned the review I was referencing.


I have a Mezzo, and do like it. It is simple to operate, starts up quickly and actually fits in your pocket.

I either use it on its own, or with a mix pre and DPA mics.

Happy to answer any questions if I can.


Thank you. Can you provide any observations regarding the quality of the microphones? Would you use it with a solo instrument or small ensemble?

I currently use a Sony M10. I like it, although I am looking for a field recorder with cardioid microphones.

I also have a sound devices and microphone(s) solution, however I would like something ultra portable for travel.