Field recording



were you using all three mics?


Yes, although the mono was pretty low in the mix. It all went into an H4n.


This is very cool. Do you have the amplified version or the non-amplified version?


Does anyone have experience of this parabolic microphone?


I’ve recently started a short podcast about field recordings. Last episode I shared it with the ‘Podcast Recommendations’ thread, but I’ve got a new episode out today that I thought I’d share here in case you guys didn’t catch it in that other thread:


May be of interest to folks here:


Is this also on apple podcast?


I just got a confirmation email that it will be on itunes in the next few hours; is that the same thing?


Yes! If it is registred as a podcast in iTunes then it should show up there. Looking forward to hearing. Is the name of the podcast Field Trip?


Then you can find it here:

Congrats and thank you for likely being the first person to DL the itunes version. I do want to point out that I’m still learning, and apparently it’s hard to hear what I’m saying sometimes (future episodes will be ducking the background recordings when I speak much more liberally), so your patience is appreciated!


Have subscribed and am downloading now. Love the concept!


Also, I don’t know how to make this information available via itunes so I’ll say it here: All the episodes can be downloaded for free sans-commentary from my bandcamp (


Heads up that some Usi Pros are currently in stock if you’re interested!


Got a pair, but shipping end of September, jeez!


Under-promise, over-deliver? :crossed_fingers:


Usi Pros w/Wind-bubbles pre-ordered, there goes my year of abstaining from buying new gear! Well, they do ship at the end of September, so I have plenty of time to reflect on GAS.


Thanks for the heads up! Ordered. Been keeping my eye on these for ages. Would have missed out again without your post. :+1:


does anyone know if there is difference in the actual microphone between the standard version and the pro? as far as i can tell it’s just the connector that differs. and what kind of sound quality difference are we talking about here solely based on the mini jack vs XLR?


I was wondering this myself but I felt a bit too silly to ask. I’ve e-mailed Lom to check compatibility as the 3.5mm > XLR minijack cable linked on the Pro’s product page leads me to believe that they might be compatible with plug-in power but I’m not 100% certain. The capsules themselves seem almost identical to the standard model:


@stripes: Lom replied to me.

basically the capsules are independent of the cables.
XLR cables for them include special circuitry which allows you to use them with phantom power.
Minijack cables are for plug-in power.
Uši Pro is combination of XLR cable and capsules, Uši are capsulses and minijack cable.
You can buy both cables and have one pair of capsules and swap when needed.

Looks like I’m going with the standard pair and a spare XLR cable.