Field recording



cool! thanks for inquiring about that… glad i ordered my usi : )

very interesting that the mics can be powered by both 48v phantom and the ~5v (?) of plug in power since it would seem like they don’t require the 48v…? really curious now to do some a/b comparisons with the different cables and my h5 and see how/if the sound is different.

i guess the pro/xlr version would be more for setups where an external preamp is being used and you don’t have the option for plug in power like on the lower cost handheld recorders?


I see a lot of people field recording with over ear headphones, is there a reason this might be better than using my small in ear ones? I know them pretty well as I listen to them most of the time so I’m thinking I’d get a better sense of what’s going on using these (plus I’d avoid one more bulky thing in my bag)


i’d say use whatever you are used to, as long as it reproduces enough low end to be able to identify wind/boom/tripod/handling noises.
Personally i like to be able to switch instantly between monitoring the recorded signal and simply listening to the place, so i use normal headphones. Sometimes i also clip small omnis to the headphones and get a pseudo-binaural recording while being able to move easily (not dissimilar to the process of shooting wide angle and taking strange postures to get some foreground in the frame).


I’m guessing that plug-in power is the minimal requirement and, as you say, the 48v isn’t fully needed- probably just a means of getting power over XLR. Looking forward to hearing about any findings you have from a comparison!


Jez riley French has an older article on headphones. No mention of earbuds but I found it interesting that he asserts that only a few models offer transparency in their sound.


I made some recordings early on while using a pair of Grado headphones, but it was tough because the isolation was terrible; it was kind of like listening to a 50% dry/wet signal, with the sound of my actual environment being louder sometimes than the recording of it being piped in my ears.

I bought a pair of Sony MDR-7505s, which overall have been great; they do a good job with isolation so I can focus on as many details as possible in my recording, and the flat, neutral response is helpful too in terms of accuracy.


For the time being I might put my ear defenders from the workshop over my in ear phones to isolate more. I’ll look like even more of a weirdo but hey it’s free. I’ll report back.


20 chars of love that look


Looooooving this! On episode 4 now


just saw on Tw that jez riley french has spaces available in his next field recording workshop (18-19 august) ; if you’re in/can get to the UK it would be well worth it:

from the blurb: “Using the fields, woods and village of Wendover as our base, we’ll spend the weekend exploring the sounds of nearby locations and discovering how to capture them using a range of recording tools. If you’ve ever wanted to try out contact mics, hydrophones or ultrasonic detectors, or explore infrasonics and electromagnetics – this is your chance. The workshop will have applications for radio and podcast, but also the sonic arts more broadly, including the use of located sound in composition, installation and sound-walks. We hope participants will come away with new ideas and new material to continue working with.”

I did a workshop with him and chris watson 2 years ago, and am planning to do another in the not too distant future. highly recommended! so inspirational, and lots of hands-on practice with their equipment, so you can see if and how it might work for you.


Not sure if this was posted already (or call anyone out) but who is in this on here?


Have listened to most of the episodes over the past few weeks and have thourougly enjoyed them. Many tha ks for taking the time to make them. I particularly love your insights in to what interests you about a particular recording. It really shows that there is a difference between hearing and listening to what goes on around us. I hope there are many kore episodes to come!


I’m really glad you enjoy the show! That thing about trying to explain what interests me about a particular sound is the most difficult part I’d say; the vocabulary surrounding sound is still quite limited and mostly relies on borrowing from visual terminology, and a lot of this is kind of ineffable. I hope I do actually succeed in communicating that aspect in particular though, so your words are encouraging.

Coincidentally, the first episode of a new side-series has JUST been uploaded. I’ve been experimenting a little with the format recently (lo-fi long-form, improvised commentary, etc.) but this episode was so radically different in focus and structure I thought I’d consider it a different thing altogether. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks again for the kind words.


I saw this and though of people in this thread, it’s a nice one to be tracking :slight_smile:



I’ve gotten access to an Insta360 8k camera rig and I’m going to go out and collect some footage. Planning on doing a transect from Edmonton to Vancouver. I’m going to collect some close ups of glaciers, canyon waterfalls, … a bunch of stuff useful in teaching.

I’m not incredibly happy with the built in microphone setup and looking to get a microphone to run into my handheld recorder. Bad news is I have a week before I leave. If anyone could recommend a microphone / fluffy kitten that I can get off of amazon (because of timing, more or less) I’d appreciate it.

I am going to get binaurals in the longer term but the time to ship is longer than I have.

My recorder will do xlr or standard jack if that helps.

Thx for any help! I’ll be posting results at some point; the trip is really about educational video but given the opportunity, might as well do better sound…


I’d recommend a single-body XY stereo mic, but I dont know if you’d be able to get everything in that small a timeframe. Does your recorder not have onboard mics? If you do need an external mic I would maybe suggest the Audio-Technica BP4025. I use a Rode nt4 myself but I’ve noticed its thick metal body isn’t ideal for more extreme temperatures. The BP4025 doesn’t sound quite as nice but I’ve heard it’s a bit more tolerant to cold and heat. Remember to get the hot shoe mount for it as well, or a shock mount with a pistol grip; the tiny muscle twitches in your hands get picked up by mics such as these.


I have a Zoom H1 and a Tascam DR-100 as independent recorders, both have dual mics. I’ll look at your suggestions, thx!!!


old but sooooooo cool


For any 4060 users: are there any good ideas for managing the cables?

I find they get really tangled really easily when out and about recording. I’m trying to think of a method to pay out the cable length as I need it without it all getting in a mess.

Feels like there’s a well know solution I’m unaware of?