Field recording



I just tie them up after every time I use them (“rockstar” knot). I’ve never had any problem though; can you be more specific?


I like to wander an capture sounds as I go. Sometimes I keep it simple and use a Sony M-10 and and pair of Soundman OKM Binaurals, this is super stealth and very easy to manage.
My other setup is a SD Mix-Pre D in a portabrace with 4060s. With the 4060s I often just hold them in my hands or use the coat hangar method. The 3m cables are way more unyielding if I say use more cable length but then want it shorter so I can walk around again, hands free etc.
Not sure if this makes any sense :smile:


i’m using a tascam dr44wl with internal mics and\or a sennheiser mkh416. i like the fact i can record both internal and external mic. the wifi control from android app is nice in that i can put the recorder in a position and go as far as 20 meters and have control on metering and levels (no wireless audio tho).
this is nice with wildlife, i tried this in the woods early night,keeping a distance allowed me to capture more birds sounds than if i was closer.
other than that the pres are so so, it is a bit noisy and if you want to use internal mics and handle the unit you must buy a rycote audio kit or stuff like that or the handling noise will be too loud.
i like how i can record a decent stereo field and point and zoom with the sennheiser half shotgun for a detailed focus


Get some of this and thread both cables, ill upload a picture when i get home later


Ah, yes please do. That looks like it could be just the thing :ok_hand:



Amazing, that’s exactly what I need. Thanks for posting the pic, I’m ordering some now.


If anyone was curious about what a shutter in a typhoon with two contact mics fed through the mail slot flapping in the storm sounds like, here’s your chance. Things get a little percussive.

Respect to Jez Riley French for making some tough mics! His gear gets top marks from me!

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Is that the 1/2 inch housing as linked? It looks narrower.
Great idea!


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