Field recording



Yesssssss mine as well. The wait is nearly over!


Really enjoyed listening to this! I’m inspired to do some field recordings myself again :slight_smile:
Great idea to talk about field recording while in the field, recording. I’m definitely going to listen to the other episodes of your podcast!


Glad to hear you enjoy the show, Nuun. However, I should clarify that my commentary is made AFTER I’ve been out recording - with several iterations of a script - so my thoughts aren’t quite as off-the-cuff as your comment suggests.

If you do make some recordings let me know!


Yeah i was talking about this ‘side-series’ :slight_smile:


20 chars of notification bliss.


My LOM microphones arrived today and I’m seriously impressed. They elevate even my lowly H1 to a recorder sensitive enough to credibly capture quieter, more ambient sounds. The windshields come in cute little tins too!

Thanks to the good people in this thread that alerted me to them.


Nice! Would love to hear some recordings if you’re willing to share.

Very excited about receiving my pair — they’re making their way through Massachusetts now, so hopefully either tomorrow or Wednesday!


Nothing I’d care to share at the moment, I just have a few tests I’ve conducted around our flat- and it’s probably a testament to the sensitivity of the microphones that the previously unheard ambient noises from our refrigerator, boiler, neighbours arguing and the rustle of my clothes are what “spoiled” them. I may try to get some field recordings from outside tomorrow- time to get the coat hanger ready…


Fantastic! I just picked up a set of LOM’s little EM pickups. Wandering around with them feels like having an extra sensory input. I can hear cables running underground, the whir of the electric motors on the train, and the dirty contact of the paddle with the third rail. Wifi hot spots… the relays when traffic signals change…



Did you ever encounter:
(Christina Kubisch)


There’s a cool new interview with Jonáš Gruska, the founder of LOM, on Factmag. He’s developing a new version of the Elektroluch!

I’m trying to make the Elektrosluch more robust and just look more professional as an instrument and I’m revising the circuitry with every iteration to make it more hi-fi, to have more gain with less noise and to use just better components. As I’m learning about electronics it’s improving, and I’m working with an expert in low-noise pre-amplifiers for industrial purposes.


Good news. I bought Elektrouši earlier today and I was disappointed that the Elektrosluch and the Priezor had sold out.


Yes! After a few years of enjoying my Usi Pros I ordered a Priezor now :smiley:


What is the difference between mikroUcho PRO and mikroUši Pro, beside one being a [air of phantom-powered stereo-matched, and the other just a single?


Thank you! I hadn’t seen this video before.



it’s crazy how similar these sound to some of the stuff you can get from the raw data feature in audacity


how long were yours at the Inward Office of Exchange? Mine have been there for several days and I’m trying not to be too worried about it.


They arrived there on Saturday the 29th of September and were delivered to me on Monday 1st of October.


@gigasturtz - not sure if you’ve checked this already, but if you paste your original LOM/Slovenská pošta tracking number into USPS’s tracker, you should see where it’s at. Mine never left the “inward office exchange” stage, but then I switched to USPS and all was fine…