Field recording



Anyone have an opinion on Uši Pro vs Clippy EM172? They’re essentially the same, seems like, unless I’m missing something.


Not sure if there are any audio differences, and I suspect there are few people that own both who could comment anyway.

That said both are supposed to be good. Jez Riley French has recommended the MicBooster Clippys, but going by the date on the blog post, it might be before the Uši’s were available.

The most recent version of the Uši’s come with a detachable cable, so you can have both the 3.5mm PiP version and the XLR version just by buying the extra cable. Bizarrely it’s cheaper to buy an Uši and add the ‘pro’ cable than the other way round (I did this before Christmas, purely because the 3.5mm Uši was the only one in stock).

On the other hand, you can buy a Clippy and get it now, rather than waiting till Spring.


Haven’t tried both, but I’m extremely happy with the Uši Pros and Mikro Uši mics. Love all the LOM stuff, and Jonas is a great guy. It’s worth waiting a few weeks for the mics.


the clippies are amazing. i personally very much prefer them to the usis, but YMMV. agreed that the LOM people are top notch and make great products; not intentionally a negative commentary in that regard.


Do the Usi mics use the same Primo capsules as the Clippies?


that’s my understanding, yes.


What makes you prefer the clippies so much more?


And while I’m stuck on it, does anyone know if windbubble wind screens are worth the price? I can get rycote ones for 1/3 less, but I don’t know if it’s worth skimping… I do despise wind noise.


I really prefer the Bubblebee protection. I had Rycote covers on my little DPAs for a long time but when I got the Bubblebees, I found them to be a step up in quality. Also customer service is excellent


Got the wind bubbles with all my Usi’s, and they work well. Tight fit and good at cutting low to medium speed wind noise. They’re pricey, but no complaints.


Gonna say the same as @stephenvit and @Hovercraft, bubblebees are a good option.


Right on. I think I’ll spring for em. Bubblebee tells me that FEL Clippies are a size 4 windbubble, just for anyone else’s reference.


Usi magnetic clips just arrived. Pretty excited to take them out tomorrow. Tickled by the idea of turning my bicycle - or almost any metal surface- into a stereo bar!


Hmm, that might actually be a really good idea!
Just got together a little contraption for my Ušis, which admittedly isn’t all that great with those giant mic clips, but does the job.


Never seen this kind of thing before; don’t think I have a need for them but pretty clever little idea!


Those magnetic clips are cool—forgot to add them to the order when I got my Priezor. The Uši’s aren’t too susceptible to handling noise, so it’s easy to improvise a stereo bar.


I’m glad I’m not the only one to have improvised something like this!


@mola @hovercraft @papernoise Great kludges! Immediately thought of Chris Watson and his coat hanger stereo bar. On the subject, I was digging through the closet looking for a bendable coat hanger to make into one when I realised that a plastic skirt hanger with clips would make for a handy bar for the Usi’s as well. It worked really nicely.

Oh, and @mola- been loving Field Trips by the way. Great to listen to, the narration is enjoyable, and I love the conversations. It’s like eavesdropping on little conversations/interior monologues in my head when I’m out hunting for sounds.


I’m glad you enjoy the show; a new episode should be up in the next couple weeks (as soon as I finish an essay for my MMus). : )


Well well well. Welly well well well…

Out in the Spring. About $500 USD.