Field recording



Mmmm. Looks like my pending Zoom purchase may be put on hold. There’s a lot to like in these specs. In a perfect world an additional 2 XLR ins would be nice so you could hook it up to the Rode NT-SF1.


A PCM D-100 came up used here for a good price and I nearly rushed out to buy it… until I remembered about the missing XLRs. This is much more interesting.

I have to say I’m still very attracted to the six simultaneous tracks on the H6, though. Even if the quality is worse.


It’s probably going to be the recorder to buy - if you want a versatile handheld, and have the money to spend.

Makes me wonder if sound devices have ever considered competing in the handheld market… SD handheld with Sennheiser capsules anyone…?


It’s pretty big…

Also, if you compare the size and weight to a MixPre-3, there isn’t that much difference:

  • D10: 198 x 80 x 37 mm, 480g (inc. batteries)
  • MixPre-3: 144 x 110 x 36 mm, 480g (exc. batteries)

(I’m not sure if the MixPre-3 size includes the 4xAA battery pack or not)

Now admittedly the battery life isn’t amazing on the MixPre, and it gets quite big once you add the larger power options. (And obviously there is no builtin mic.)

edit: Here is the manual. 6 hours recording time with phantom power FYI.

I got the manual link and the Instragram photo from a thread on


big question is how the preamps sound


I’m looking for ideas of what I can use as a Bit Bucket when recording using my Mix-Pre D.

I currently use an iPhone recording into the Apogee App but it’s not ideal with the touch screen and adapters. Wondered is there’s anything I’m not aware of?

Other options would be something with a digital input such a the old M-Audio Microtrack.

I’m ideally after something very straightforward and small.


the few tiny AES stereo portable recorders are way overkill for this use (zaxcom zfr series, lectrosonics spdr…), and there is still the hastle of having two devices in the bag. For a similar price, a Nagra LB or even an old SD 702 might as well be bought.
I just use the M10 line in from the tape out of the MixPre D.


I use an M10 too through the line out. I did compare records to an iPhone and found the digital recording quieter but not a huge amount of difference. (My OCD maybe). The workflow is much better using the M10 though.

I seems strange there’s no easy way to do this with something cheap and simple.


It’s possible the Tascam DR100 mkIII might support AES with the right converter cable to it’s 3.5mm jack.

The spec page says AES3-2003/IEC60958-4 (AES/EBU), IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF).

If you’re only using it as a bit bucket, it might be worth investigate the older versions and see if they support AES too, you might end up with a used bargain.


Thanks yes I was aware of those, there’s also a marantz model (can’t remember which) but again it’s over sized and featured for what I’m thinking.

Micro track was the closet. Saw one on ebay but as usual forgot about it and missed it, went for under £30


I really like that small A10 recorder


@sam @shiftr - either of you/anyone else have experience with that tiny Sony A10? I just got a Zoom H4n Pro, which I’m happy with so far and it is plenty for my needs, but I really like how tiny the A10 is! just wondering if the quality with the built in mics is similar to something like the H4n Pro’s built in mics since I don’t expect to use the H4n’s external inputs all that often.

I just noticed it is listed as a “voice recorder” which doesn’t seem to bode well for recording quality.


No experience with it at all.

There is a Taperssection thread, but I don’t know if they care about the builtin microphones (and it’s perhaps a bit OTT with regards to measurements…).


No i don’t have any experience with it.
I have the Sony D100 which makes really great recordings. Overall i think the Sony recorders are among the best of the portable recorders. The D100 i have outperforms the all the Zoom recorders easily.
Only it doesn’t have XLR inputs. So that’s where the D10 now steps in.

But almost always carry my Zoom H1 with me because of its portability. But the recording quality isn’t anywhere in reach of what my D100 does. But often it’s good enough for what i use it for.

There are some reviews online for the A10 but i can’t find one that really covers it’s recording quality.
It’s quite expensive at €269 compared to other mini recorders.

There is another model that looks exactly the same as the A10 which is marked as voice recorder i think the A10 really is a field recorder.

Something i really like as a feature on the new recorders is the ability ot operate them through a bluetooth connection with an app on a phone. This means you could put the whole recorder inside a ‘dead cat’ type windshield.


Does anyone have any techniques for minimal mounting of a pair of Uši Pros? Ideally something that is easily adjusted between 40-60cm.

I’ve seen the purpose built Rycote lyres, but they’re too big, particularly the ball head.

I’ve also just seen that there is an STL file for a 3/8" to Uši clip on the LOM website. Anyone used this? (edit: I think it will cost me approx £15 to get 2 made.)

So far I’ve found that a Manfrotto Pico clamp holds it pretty well (clamped to the mini XLR connector). And there are few options with 15mm rods to construct a bar with it (especially if I made the bar with 4 x 15cm rods, then it will collapse to something very portable).


I am sometimes surprised how well it works just mounting them to a bag.


Possibly a bit ramshackle but I’ve recently been using the magnetic clips attached to a steel bar, as they weren’t attracted to my stereo bar. The magnets themselves are reasonably strong and I didn’t record any handling noise.


I wonder if the magnets are strong enough to work with the DIY double telescopic antenna mount that is common with DPA4060s. I guess the Uši weighs more too, which might complicate matters.

(image from a recent Sound on Sound magazine)


Does anybody have experience with the Audiomoth?

Looks like a really nice device.


on the same bent as the elektrosluch, SOMA Labs just came out with a new electromagnetic thingy…