Field recording



What’s the manfrotto antenna thing here?


Wow, no, but thanks for posting. Although it’s meant for eco-acoustic/scientific application, it looks like it would be cool to use as long-term experimental field recorder.

Looks great–although probably not different enough to justify purchasing, when I have two electrosluch mini city’s, and a priezor. Jonas is releasing an updated electrosluch at some point too.


It’s a Manfrotto Pico clamp with 2 telescopic antennas coupled together clamped in it.

I’ve just made my own one, but with Ušis masking taped to the ends instead of the DPAs, haven’t used it yet as the kids have had chicken pox consecutively…

(Also… antennas aren’t usually ferrous so don’t bother with magnets…)


I’ve been experimenting with recording in stereo by a pair of Usi Pro. I set them up in a short stereo bar, but the image was like mono, though that was what I expected since it is omnidirectional.

Any tips for using Usi Pro in pair? What is the ideal distance between two mics for a better stereo imaging? Please share your thoughts :relaxed:


Any Omni microphone pair should have similar principles for stereo use. Here’s a great description of some of the considerations by DPA:


“ Microphone spacing

An important consideration when setting up for A-B stereo recordings is the distance between the two microphones. What the stereo recording should sound like is often a question of taste, which makes it difficult to give exact rules on spacing. It is though, a good idea to keep some important acoustic factors in mind.”

Excellent discussion of some of the issues around mic distance from each other (effects time differences and thus precedence effect) and from sound source.


Omni (A-B) can use wide spacing. (beware the mono compatibility though).
One way to increase perceived width (separation) with short bars (and thus keep a compact setup) is to put a baffle between the mics.
With tiny ones like DPAs an easy solution is to clip them one the sides of your headphones, using one’s head as the baffle.


Ideally it would seem AB spacing should be roughly the distance between your ears or your shoulders; I almost exclusively have them roughly head width apart (clipped to the top of my jacket’s breast pockets) but I’ve heard good results from separating them by metres, and I’ve also managed to get useable material holding them quite close together, too (only when close up to my subject, though). Basically just go nuts.


I bit of a rudimentary question for most here:

I am planning several multi-day cycling trips on rail trails here in the mid-US area this spring and summer. I would like to record some of the nature sounds I encounter.

What is recommended for a good quality, highly portable recording device for this purpose?



Any handy recorder would do fine; if you don’t think you’ll want to invest in more “serious” kit in the future then just go for a Zoom H1n or similar (no ext. inputs). I always recommend getting a fluffy windscreen though, regardless of how casually you want to take it.


I have a Tascam DR-40 that has served me very well in a variety of environments. I like that it has XLR/TRS inputs for when I want to use an external mic.

If I was longing to upgrade I’d go to a Sony D100 or a Tascam DR-100 Of budget was a concern.

I should add that I also have a MixPre-6m that is the cat’s meow.


Found a bit of time to have a play today, just in the garden.

(Apologies for the excessively shallow DoF, trying to avoid giving away the location of my garden…)


I rather like the shallow depth of field, it makes for some nice photos!


I like your colour-coded tape!


Have you uploaded what you recorded in your garden Sam?


No it isn’t… it does sound very pleasant, but it’s mainly cars, and buses and birds.

Where does one uploaded field recordings to these days? SoundCloud had it’s wobbly a while back, and besides I don’t have a paid account anyway.


You can try, or just self-host?


To me Freesound is a good platform for field recording stuffs, no hassle for listening clips on mobile phone, plus you can see the frequency spectrum. Be sure you agree the license before upload anything.


Thanks @zoundsabar! The website has tons of great articles.


Second vote for, there’s a huge library of all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds.


Any recommendations for rechargeable AA batteries. I’m currently using some Ansmann 2850 NiMH with a Mix Pre D, they don’t seem to hold charge when not in use for a few days and when they get down to 50% charge won’t power the Mix Pre D so I’m only getting half the time of what isn’t a lot anyway. Any suggestions would be appreciated