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So, I’m headed out west, and in the interest of tinkering with more stereo recording, I just ordered a 2nd contact mic and 2nd hydrophone from Jez Riley French. Super good dude. Super pleased with the results of the mics I bought from him. Now I can hopefully get some stereo recordings in June :slight_smile:


where is out west? what you hoping to record in the water? anyway good hunting.


Sorry for not being specific, I’m headed out through South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. I’m not sure what I’m hoping to record, I try not to be too specific with field recording and just sort of use it as an opportunity to savor the magic of ‘normal’ life sounds.


potentially interesting…new sound devices priced between their normal high end and the hand helds… its all a bit hype so far but hopefully some decent reviews with comparison tests will follow.


Thought I’d share this with the Field Recording thread and not the latest tracks as this work is made up entirely of field recordings.
All sounds were recorded on the Isle of Grain (also known as the Hoo Peninsular) in Kent, UK over two days in October 2016. All sounds were captured on a basic Tascam Dr07 Mk2 recorder with attached Omni-directional Microphones. I was very much inspired by the field recording philosophy of Chris Watson, the idea of taking sections of the recordings and layering them to make a soundscape. (I understand that this is how Chris Watson made his famous St. Cuthberts Time album by building up layers of sound almost like a painter). I took this idea to its limit by looping shorter sections of the recordings to make it more like a ‘music’ track. The drone of the light aircraft really helped as well, it came over the island low and seems very musical.
I don’t believe there is anything called a ‘pure field recording’, all recorded sounds are selective to some degree or another and I think we should always blend several recordings together.



Sound Devices saved themselves!

It’s obviously very early, but this–THIS!–looks like almost exactly the device I’ve been arguing for for going on at least half a dozen years now. I’m astonished. I’d mostly given up.

And the expected price! Honestly, I’m astonished: $900 for the big one.

Let’s see how it holds up in the hands of users.

Thank you for sharing this. Huge!


Yes…sort of the same thoughts here…if they have got rid of the features we dont need and kept the quality thats a promising start.


I couldn’t see the track recording count? Am I missing it, or are they stereo record only?


im guessing so…just have read the same website as you…no insider knowledge


Eight tracks on the 6, five on the 3; four mic/line ins on the 6, two on the 3.

Really, really exciting.


lately I’ve been tickled by the idea of going ambisonics, both recording and creating 3d sound ambients, anyone have any experience? DIY mikes?
This app sounds good, it can use your phone’s accelerometers to track your head and play ambisonics recordings.

I usually record with my Zoom H4n, absolutely love it, great built-in mikes, and very versatile combo jacks with high impedance matching, the preamps can be better, you can always use an external pre if you need more detail.
I also love to hook up a couple of electret capsules, usually very distant from each other, approx. 5mt, to get a nice wide effect.


I have just managed to get some USI mics which I plan to use with a Marantz PMD660.

I am not in the market for any more stuff, but wondered what might be a good way to put both of these through their paces?

I think that the key to any kit is knowing its strengths and weaknesses, so any tips on how to take a broad range of sounds to hear what the response is like?

or has anyone experience with these Mics/recorders who can offer some tips?


Congratulations on getting the USI mics. His website rarely is open to accept orders and when it is it crashes.have heard only very good things about them.


I’ve been getting into this recently. I’ve done some recording with a Soundfield, and have listened to some recordings from a TetraMic in 13.1 Ambisonic - very impressive. I’ve also been playing around with mixing in Ambisonics using the ATK plugins in Reaper and the Facebook plugins in ProTools. It’s all pretty good fun - so I’d definitely recommend messing about if you’re intrigued. The only problem is that sharing with others is more complex!

I’d definitely recommend playing around with the ATK plugins in Reaper as an interesting place to start:

Mixing in ambisonics and decoding to binaural is easy, and the way some of the diffusion sounds is really interesting:


Beautiful piece!! Nice idea to layer the recordings


thanks, I decided they were the ones for me mid 2016 and since then I have been checking the USI web page regularly.

However I am a beginner with field recording and feel a bit intimidated with such high regarded mics…

I know the Marantz pretty well, so this is just a matter of trying different things…


Listening to this album right now. Really beautiful!


A nice blog post comparing omni mics from Jez riley French- and some technique stuff…


just saw this call for field / concrete tracks 4’33 long


Looks interesting. I see on their Bandcamp that the previous compilations are sold for £4, where does the money go? The submissions are free and there’s no mention of splitting profits, or of donating them.