Field recording

mmmm… beautiful to me

Amazing to pack so much tech in such a small package too
TC-D5: 237mm x 168 mm x 48mm
Nagra SN: 147mm x 100mm x 26 mm



(this SN is not mine - belongs to Peter Jacksons mix facility)

I think the first gen SD recorders 722/702 had an excellent minimalist utilitarian design - all crucial controls have dedicated buttons that do not double for anything else (Power, REC, gain) and design was forward thinking, in that locking multiple machines via a simple C.LINK cable was very easy, enabling multitrack recorders… And very robust/not plastic. (The newer MixPre with touchscreen feel like a step backwards in UX sense, but they are also far more complex machines so can’t expect them to be as simple as a 2 track recorder)


I am still using my 702. I was happy with the recordings I got 10 years ago, I’m happy with them now.


To answer my own question, the first field recorder I ever owned was the Edirol-R09, and despite it being a hunk of plastic, there’s something I really like about the size and controls. I’m more likely to grab that when I’m heading out on a walk than I am the zoom.

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Any tips for handling wind noise? I love my ambeo set, but not so usable outside on anything but the calmest days.

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Isn’t that mic a bunch of cardioid capsules? In my experience, cardiods are very susceptible to wind noise. I would imagine something like a Rycote BBG and a fur cover would be necessary. Have you tried any wind shield so far?

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I have recorded in a moderate wind (trying to capture that next thunderclap, which didn’t come until after I gave up lol) without trouble. I wonder if those tiny stick on windscreens for cameras might work, like Rycote Micro WJ?

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I use a wool cap over my ears which also covers the mics, of course. It helps a little bit.


I’ve been meaning to experiment with massive, fluffy earmuffs. I think that would do the trick nicely. Otherwise if you’re in a spot where the wind isn’t moving in a complex fashion, putting a hand up in the right place is typically pretty effective.

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A simple google search of “zoom h5 phantom power” instantly lists youtube videos & articles of how to turn on phantom power on a Zoom h5. With respect to lavalier mics, perhaps read through this very thread - LOM usi mics have been mentioned many times, along with alternatives.


I’m considering these 32 bit recorders: Zoom F3, Tascam X8 and Tascam X6. The Zoom F3 might be a safe option, but the built in mics on the Tascams would come in handy for me. This leads to some questions.

Has the ultrasonic noise issue with the X8 been fixed? I’ve seen user reports online saying that firmware updates have not fixed the issue. However, the discussion above suggests that Tascam may have fixed this issue somehow in newer devices, perhaps with a hardware update? Has anyone tested a recently purchased X8?

Has anyone tested the Tascam X6? Does it have similar ultrasonic noise problems?

I checked it on mine and it isn’t present, all good. Tascam reported that it was present on the earliest models but got rectified subsequently.

Hello, anyone know if there’s some alternative for LOM Geofón available?

Hi. Well, I do not personally own one. Nor do I have the funds to buy one just yet but there seems to be an alternative geophone option available as of now which just popped up the other day.
Can’t give any information on quality and range and all but check this website if you’re curious:

whamelectronics geophone


As far as I know the sensor used is noisier, not as resonant and less sensitive than the one LOM uses. I know this because a friend is making his own version using Geofón sensor and has seen both specs.

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I’ve had a LOM geofon for a few years and I’m not convinced it offers significantly more than a regular piezo mic with the high end rolled off. It’s not a commercial grade geophone by a long shot and although it’s optimized for low frequencies the range is quite narrow. I like the threaded insert that takes a spike or a magnet—it would be nice to have a weatherproof piezo with those features.