Fields We Found - Expanse

Hey friends! Hope you’re all ok. I’m so happy announce the release of my latest album, Expanse. Expanse | Fields We Found

Available as a digital download and limited edition CD with handmade books of eleven of artworks made by purely analogue means, professionally printed on recycled paper with a handmade paper cover, put together in my studio.

Digital is free or pay what you can afford until 18th March and all proceeds will go to the charity Voice of Children in Ukraine to provide psychological and psychosocial support to children caught up in the tragedy of the events unfolding.

You can find more information here

Expanse is my most recently recorded music, completed in January and February 2022. It was made during a time of reflection and deeper understanding of myself, new ideas leading to new discoveries. Emotive, peaceful and atmospheric, I hope the music helps bring some calm and space to everyone who listens.

The artwork was made alongside the music using purely analogue techniques and will be available as limited edition of 25 books which can be bought with the physical album.

All the tracks performed and recorded live to 1/4” tape on a Revox B77 Mk2, made on a range of acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic instruments - piano, violin, bass, guitar, Ciat Lonbarde equipment, Eurorack (including my Mannquins and Make Noise ‘easel’), vintage synths and samplers, effects and tape machines.

Full equipment list on the Bandcamp page and, if you’re interested to know more about how the album was made and the ideas behind it, I’ll be posting more over the coming days at Login • Instagram

Huge thanks to Ian Hawgood for the incredible job on the mastering, he always brings out the best in my music, and Craig Tattersall for all the advice and support with the print layout and design.

I truly hope you enjoy the album

Much love

Fields We Found


Grabbed it, listening now and sounds lovely so far. Even better that there’ll be a charity donation. Congrats!

Sounds cool! Any chance you will be releasing it to Apple Music?

Thanks so much! Glad you’re enjoying it. Yeah, Voices are doing amazing work in the toughest of circumstance, more info here

Thank you! Yeah, it’ll be streaming after the 18th March - it’s free/pay what you can afford on Bandcamp until then x

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