Film and Alt-Process Photography


nice idea… would be interested in something like that. Or a London Lines creative field trip with field recording, photography and sketching , writing…


Curious about this vinegar soak! Did you dilute it? How long did you let it soak? Or really any details about it :slight_smile:


I’ve experimented with longer soaks (12-24 hours) followed by a “rinse” in water, but this particularly one was 30 minutes and a quick rinse before I developed it. The vinegar wasn’t diluted at all and I developed the next day.


It turned out great. Those greens! Are the results dramatically different with the longer soaks?


Fellow photographers, i’ve got a question. do you find similar threads or themes between your music and photography? i’d love to dive into the creative relationships between my two favorite mediums on our little thread here.

for me i find a lot of my work in both sound and visuals deals with space, and the relationships between objects/sounds within spaces. but i’m curious as to what themes you guys work with and if there are ties between your music and photography (or anything else you might create)


I’ll admit that I’m more of a “just photograph anything and hope it might look cool” photographer, but I do notice that I’m drawn to decaying structures, especially old gas stations, and I think my music has a sort of decaying society feel.

Whether that’s deliberate, subconscious or coincidental I’m not sure


Messing around with a film scan for the artwork for the first in a series of monthly releases:


Really like this…stared at it for quite awhile, went away and then stared a bit more.


I am kinda relentlessly amateur in everything I do. The common themes I find are messiness (and messy ambiguity), intensifying of “mistakes” , a tendency to semi-purposefully conflate figure/ground and a(n unfortunate) sense of pervasive anxiety/claustrophobia. Like everything is taking place in some really dense hazily transmitted dream world. At least to me. Been in hermit mode for quite some time, so I dont get a lot of feedback on stuff.


When you soak for longer durations you get wildly different results. Here are some links to a few blog posts I found upon a quick Google search.

Red Wine, Bleach, and MORE!


Bought these in our local shop! Isopan from 1974! Will share the results here :slight_smile:


I’m part of an organization called “analogica” (some may remember the festival I posted about). This year we are organizing this thing here:

36 EXP is a call for unprocessed (analogue) film. How it works is basically that you shoot a roll, wrap it in an evenlope and send it in. More info at the link above.


That’s really cool that the negatives are returned.


gosh i’m tempted to just pick up a cheap body for one of my manual lenses and wing it for this


Fortunately it’s very easy to find decent bodys if one knows where to look.


like my wife’s side of the bed? (canon ae-1 found in a grandparents basement!)

but yeah I went down a delightful hole of finding cheap vintage lenses for my digital body when I got into it a few years ago.


Prime lenses kick ass! 40 year old $50 lenses looking better then some of the ‘state of the art’ new lenses they come out with and want a thousand bucks for.


@baleen: yeah exactly! :slight_smile:
@quixot: yep it actually applies to new lenses as well. A zoom lens will be extremely expensive or very crappy. On the other hand you can find some pretty great prime lenses for totally good prices.
And then it’s as with all things, just because something is technically better, doesn’t mean it’s better for what you want to do with it.
My wife made some really great photos with a cheap (can’t remember how much, but it was really cheap) toy lens on a really not so great Olympus PEN digital camera.


So true! I have a weakness for those little keychain digital cameras…can get some pretty rad images off those with a ghostly or painterly like quality…tons of character.


yeah i found a grip of beautiful primes for under $50 ea. one was $15 and is great if a little quirky (minolta me 45/2), but the two pentax i found are incredible. for a fraction of the price of a modern manual lens!

never shot with zoom lenses. :man_shrugging: