Film and Alt-Process Photography

I think the pattern is from condensation. I shot this roll straight out of the freezer on a warm day. Airborne moisture condensed on the film and then was dragged across the rollers. Looks like what happens when you run a wet rag across a window. The emulsion in these spots would have become wet and sticky and then been rolled tight on the takeup spool. There were some ugly velcro sounds when I was unspooling it for development.


I’ve also had mottled grain using too variable of water temperature for a stop/rinse cycle - now I just keep tap water in 5L jugs for everything. This looks slightly different but thanks for the tip, will avoid doing this.


I used to develop at home and I was pretty lax on keeping consistent temps (used my finger as a thermometer). I had always thought B&W was forgiving with temps and only color needed tight regulation. Lately I’ve been developing at my local college darkroom and the staff there has got me using the thermometer and keeping my tank in a running bath throughout the process. Gotta say, I’m sold on the results.

I just found out the darkroom will be closed to non-students for the summer quarter due to high class load. I looked up the classes and they’re doing an intensive on alt process! Oh how I wish I could get in on that, but it’s thousands of bucks and I work full time during the class hours :frowning:


I made a giant (destroyed) Polaroid. Shoe/sock color coordination was unintentional lol