Film and Alt-Process Photography


+1 to that. I picked up a 100mm Super Takumar for something like £60 and it’s way more fun than my cannon zooms:


Unfortunately most Nokton lenses are still quite costly…


both pentax primes i have are excellent and insanely affordable (smc-a 28/2.8 was $30 and just beautiful)


First experiments with diafilm and cross processing


Latest results (expired film)


I used to shoot a lot of film in my art school days.

I primarily shot transparencies in 8x10 large format and 6x6cm medium format. I also did some hand printing of color negative film, which was a joy and privilege. I feel sad I don’t have access to those facilities anymore.

These are two images I shot in large format, after sneaking into industrial areas. It was quite a task getting my massive view camera over the chainlink fences, but it all added to the thrill. The security guard who caught me once really did not know what to make of me, hiding under my dark cloth like an old time portrait photographer. The sheer novelty of it prevented me from getting in too much trouble. :wink:



They were lambda printed as two large transparencies, and installed in two 1x1.25m light boxes. I was really happy with them. These small digital versions do not do them justice. The level of detail and color quality was really something to behold.


Weird super 8 and 16mm animation since childhood :slight_smile: Need to get back into it tho, not done much for ages. :frowning: Recently telecine’d some 16mm test + pinhole footage but little of it is usable for anything but texture layers ha. So here’s some olde stuff instead:


There is nothing like a lit transparency. It is a shocking, i mean literally breathtaking, medium to behold.




XPAN2 shooter here!

favourite film stock?

Ilford SFX200
long exposure = TMax100


Where are EU/UK folks buying their film these days? Looking to stock up on some interesting high contrast B&W 35mm film.

*also avoiding Amazon where possible.


This thread encouraged me to pick up a 1970’s rangefinder, the Konica C35 and some Ilford B&W film. Just got the results this morning. First film I’ve shot since college (1994-1998).

I now have a developed roll of mostly underexposed family shots. There’s enough in the roll to keep me coming back though, very excited! I also went back to the camera shop and bought a Pentax K1000 - which the internet tells me is the workhorse tank of student cameras. I’m half way through a roll on it, fingers crossed!

As I live in Boulder, it seems appropriate that my contribution to this thread is a picture of the Flatirons, symbol of Boulder.

Picture could use some cropping and I think it’s pretty overexposed, but in the interest of working through the process in the open, the above isn’t edited. That’s a scan I received from the development shop this morning.


I can see that special film something in that. Out of curiosity, did they give you back your negatives? Excited to see more!

I’ve had a lot of luck with using ‘sunny 16’ rules or simplified “zone” style exposure for getting good exposures, especially outside. Can be tricky when the sky is bright compared to the landscape, and the light meter can be deceiving.


They did! I had them developed at a place called Mike’s Camera Shop. It’s a big store that handles a lot of film. They’ve been great so far.


That is awesome. When i first got back into film, i dropped a roll at the drugstore and felt like I’d been robbed when it turned out they just threw them away. It hadn’t occurred to me that it was even a possibility. Cool to have something like Mike’s nearby.


There’s also a darkroom that you can rent by the hour (not at Mike’s, at a local photography group). They do classes.

Developing my own stuff sounds exciting, but I’m going focus on taking pictures for a while before I go too deep. I’m a notorious dabbler and hobby-switcher.


I’ve got a small pile of undeveloped film I need to get to at some point (aaaaaaaahhh)…home developing def has its pro’s and con’s. The developing part is cheap/easy, but takes time and space, and I’ve been rather unmotivated lately. Feel like I shouldn’t shoot more rolls until these are taken care of lest the pile becomes a mountain…!