Filming a performance

This might be a daft question, but how do you film a “button pushing” performance and get the “real” audio. Never made any YouTube stuff before so it’s never came up for me.

TY in advance

I have no idea neither, but the good old ‘clap’ thing should work in any case.

Since it’s a button pushing performance, I’m assuming you don’t have a mic attched… In this case you could sync the video/ sound using the action of the first push of the button & the corresponding first sound it triggers. (Hope this helps?)

Of course i was suggesting to add a mic !

Makes sense now I think about it.

The method I use (on a mac using ableton) is:

Install soundflower. Now you can set up soundflower as your audio output (in your daw). You can then select soundflower in your video software (I’ve always just used quicktime for the most part) as your audio source.

When it’s all set up right, just hit record and the audio is completely integrated with your video. Try it out.

If you are on a PC, search for similiar software to soundflower and you should be able to do it this way to.

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I use VAC to do the equivalent job in Windows. Not sure if its the best option but it works (for me).

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I use Audio Damage’s ODIO eurorack module and my iPhone/iPad. It’s been the easiest method I’ve tried.

ODIO sends the audio to the iPhone/iPad’s camera. Just plug a USB -> Lightening converter into the device and start recording video.

You can then immediately upload to whichever service you want, or send it to a laptop for further editing.


  • record the out of synth/mixer to a hardware recorder or computer; simultaneously, film it on a separate device. Make sure I do the equivalent of a ‘clap’ - a single timed note - that I can use to sync the two together in Resolve
  • record the out of synth/mixer into my audio interface; record video from external webcam, and set sound source to external interface; get the video from the Logitech with the audio from the audio interface. Quicktime can do that.