Finally released our 70s Sci-Fi Modular Synth Vinyl

We’ve been working on this for over 2 years. SOOO MANY SYNTHS used on this.
The vinyl is stunning - it’s 3 gatefold, full art on both sides (no text!) Art by Walt Watts.
We start shipping it TODAY!!
There’s also an audio drama. It tells the story of an ice miner who uses a Moog Modular to carve away glaciers on frozen planetoids. We made a diorama playset to go with it!!

Synths used: Roland Jupiter 8s, Yamaha CS-80, SCI Prophet 5 (all 4 versions), Sequential Prophet 08 Rev 2, Moog Voyager, Minimoog, E-mu Emulator II, E-mu Emax, Roland System 100, Lexicon Prime Time Model 93, Linn Drum LM-1, Roland TR 808, Memory Moog, Moog 55, ARP 2500, ARP 2600, Deltalab Effectron, Kurzweil Rumour.

Listen on Spotify

Details: Bandcamp

Listen on Spotify

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woah looks amazing! will listen soon

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THANK YOU!! I should have mentioned, listen to it free here:

Extremely cool!

I’ve got a few Angelspit albums and this is quite a departure from those, but it also aligns more with what I’m into now anyway :+1:

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Wow - thank you for your support!!
We are all super happy with it.
You can hear this for free on Spotify.

Can we hear it anywhere besides Spotify?
edit: I should have looked first. Bandcamp is great!. Thanks!

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Thank you for showing interest! You can also hear it on soundcloud:

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We used my MOOG VOYAGER to build a diorama playset - it mines ice by blasting deep-space icy asteroids with waveforms from the “sonic lathe”. It then collects the water. This diorama was included with our new album “SEQUENCE 1: GLASS JAR”.

PS: the diorama is now discontinued, but you can get the album here:
or listen to it here: