Finding things on the internet


blogspot music:
kayo kyoku plus - showa era japanese popular music
slow goes the goose
flat black and classical - indian classical music on vinyl and cassette

some channels i like on

asian shoegaze
full noise albums

entering whatever search word/term i’m interested in at libgen, seeing what books pop up, and browsing through the titles and pages


My three favorite podcasts are a great way into all of this:

  1. Erik Davis’s Expanding Mind: 100% solid gold, Erik Davis has always been an intellectual mentor. I’ve found so many great books through this podcast.

  2. SHWEP (The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast)
    This is basically a multi-year course, it’s important to go chronologically with this one, beginning with the first episode. It’s important to stick with the parts that may seem more academic and dry, they will be useful later on.

  3. Weird Studies This one is more hit or miss; Phil Ford’s snarky attitude is a taste I’ve not quite been able to acquire. When they’re on, they’re on, though, and the reading lists are still very helpful in terms of tracing connections between topics.


Oh god yes! Sad that it stopped. Bradford Bailey’s The Hum blog is a good companion to Sounds of the Dawn, and often features excellent writing to accompany the music posts. But it also seems to have stopped.


A load of fiction:


Some of my favorites. Labor-of love blogs done by designers/design offices that goes beyond the eye-candy trope and gives enough context for further procrastination. I remember when an intern in Ro/Lu’s office was posting her research on this series of videos that are basically your checklist (I mean, J Cage, Lawrence Weiner, Abramovic, Rupert Sheldrake… too good).
This spanish magazine have an amazing blog. Really like that their geography and vernacular typology section. Sometimes they go on some beautiful thematic sprees such as dovecotes, fish drying huts etc…

I noticed they purged a lot of their backlog… don’t trust the cloud


There is a really cool site called neutral spaces that provides writers with a place to collect work they have written and published.

Two friends have recently created profiles on there, Ashleigh Bryant Phillips and Joseph Grantham if you want somewhere to start. There is also a “lucky dip” button for randomly going to a piece of writing hosted and a collaborative stream that anyone can contribute to.