Firmware update issue teletype

so i tried to update the firmware to 1.4 today.

First i backed my scenes with a usb stick and this worked fine,
then i installed the dfu-installer from home-brew, started the modular while having the key pressed and since then i just have a blank screen. I thought this was because i had no scenes loaded, i tried to do so removing the s from each scene to have the teletype read them but teletype doesn’t respond.
Upon trying to run the procedure again, this is what i get:

Georgias-Mac-mini:~ georgiapapadopoulou$ /Users/georgiapapadopoulou/Desktop/teletype-1.4.0/module/update_firmware.command ; exit;
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x7FFFF… Empty.
Chip already blank, to force erase use --force.
Error opening teletype.hex
See --debug=51 or greater for more information.

[Process completed]

Any ideas of what might have gone wrong?

Btw is there a way to see the firmware your module is running at any given time?


so i went to my windows machine and everything works fine now…

But could it be that there is something missing from the mac update description?
I had to copy the .hex file to the dfu folder on windows but nothing like that is mentioned in the mac
firmware documentation…


Did you run the “update firmware command” in the teletype-1 folder after starting up the teletype?

Hi Jasper,
yes i did but it seems that it couldn’t find the teletype.hex (and in hindsight i am not sure how it could find it)

It looks to me like you’ve downloaded a copy of the source code from GitHub? Are there are bunch of *.c and *.h files in the module directory where you ran update_firmware.command.

Go to this page to get the 1.4 zip file:

Hi Sam, basically it was the extracted tar file.
In the module folder there were the main.c,,, help.h
makefile (no extension), and the update command.
One level up there were other folders like the src one which had most .c files…

I think GitHub have changed there UI to make the “Clone or Download” button a lot more prominent. Unfortunately that download is just for the source code, not for the built firmware (which is available on the “release” page).

Everything sorted now though?

aaaa ok, i didn’t realise that, thanks Sam!

Yes once i went to the pc everything worked find (more familiar playground for me also).