First 48 hours with Teletype

Hi, Racked the Teletype on Tuesday. I’m loving it. Before receiving it I went through all the studies and was flying around soon after I powered it on. I also went through the entire code sharing thread which was pretty nice, and I can see how some of the new items were added.

So I have a list of (newbie!!!) wants, and some questions about status of various things:

  1. Are aux scripts (greater than 1-8) coming?
  2. I would like more patterns. 4 is not really sufficient, especially if you add ansible with another 4 pairs of cv/gate. Even for monophonic applications, I was attempting to duplicate a lot of the functionality of the intellijel metropolis (which I also own) and I need more than 4 patterns. Four patterns wouldn’t be too terrible if there were some bitwise and operators and hexidecimal number representations, but (though I haven’t tried it) I don’t believe those are implemented. If they were, I could probably get by with 4 patterns.
  3. It would be handy for timing purposes if there was a BPM macro instead of just milliseconds. I know I can do math on the time (example X MUL 60 DIV 1000 M) but it would be better to just have it built-in.
  4. Will there be live variable viewing? I was thinking maybe another mode. Live/Edit/Tracker/Scene/Debug where you can display things psuedo-real time like param, M, time, etc.

Also very curious about the currently undocumented ARP operators? Is that what I hope?

Thanks a bunch this thing is AMAZING!

Is that the one I mentioned?

I’m not sure I just see them in the undocumented list when I downloaded the latest 2.0 beta.

They’re for use with Ansible then. Sorry!

I do have some arp ops planned, no idea when though. There may be issues with the syntax (due to how the Teletype works). So it might be an idea that doesn’t meet with community approval.