First [frustrating] tests with monome & LattePanda

dear folks,

i’ve gotten myself a LattePanda in high hopes of (at some point headlessly) running max7 within its windows 10 installation. all is looking wonderful at the surface – my (and hopefully soon anyone elses) sequencer-project is running like a charm at around 8-20% of its CPU.

then, how ever: when i increase the rate of (serial) messages; make clocks crazily fast [and basically stress-test the system], everything is getting very cloggy. LEDs start hanging to the point of the whole (256-)monome becoming unresponsive for some moments. i can’t really explain why (esp. because i have so little clue about this stuff) – how ever on my mac(s) and at a similar CPU usage, these problems are not present at all.

any clue what’s the matter? is the serial connection on a win-machine far slower than on a mac? sorry for these bold questions.

edit // in case this is relevant: i did have trouble getting the monome to run under windows, so i followed [these instructions] (How i installed Monome 40h on Windows 10 successfully ... ;)) (skipping step 2)


(I have nothing to contribute, but am interested in the outcome)

edit: I do have a question. Which one did you buy? If you bought the faster one did you have to then sort out your own Windows license? (fucking bizarre business model that).

hei @Rodrigo. kind of figured you’d be into this thingy (: yes, i bought the fast one (and am rather fed up with this “business-modell” – there’s basically zero support besides a small, slow community)

i pretty much maxed the thing out as good as i could – got an active cooler (as they tend to get hot), some passive coolers, casing, display, 3A power-supply and what not (2A+ as they suggest didn’t work at all for me – had constant, random crashes).

strangely, mine came with a win10 key which makes me believe even more, i may have gotten an older, beta, pre-used or wrong edition. unfortunately DFrobot doesn’t seem to reply to mails and LattePanda don’t even bother to publish a way to contact them :slight_smile:

guess where at the beginning of something pretty neat – how ever the very beginning. will keep you posted.

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Ugh that’s always shitty when people don’t respond to emails (or don’t have a contact address at all!)

Can you post some pics of the physical setup? I’m curious the case/display/etc… you got for it.

It’s definitely worth looking further into this and dealing with some shenanigans in order to be able to have a ‘headless Max’. It’s a shame it has to be through Windows…

Do keep us posted!

I have one of the more RAM/disk space ones. It came with a Windows 10 license. But, this was through the Kickstarter campaign. I have no idea what deal they are doing regarding selling them now.

I’ve honestly done nothing other than check it’s working (2A power supply seems ok here although only brief usage and certainly no stress), instal Max 7 and try a couple of basic patches. No
monome stuff on it yet.

I purchased it mainly to use as a Max computer. Have to sort out a case and cooling so would be interested to hear more about what you did for that @benniii

gentle bump on this one… any idea? (@tehn?)


Did any of you ever get any way with this? I see there is a new model now. Looks pretty interesting.